Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Love's Allness

As I was walking home and pondering on Love's allness. I thought of a friend who lives thousands of miles away. Though there appears to be distance between us, the distance is Love. All time is Love. All of creation is Love. Where there is only Love, everything is always working out for the best.

I noticed this man looking into a camera on a tripod directed at some buildings. I asked him what was so fascinating about the buildings and if he was an architect. He said he took photos for architects. I asked him if he's ever been to the Open House London where people go and admire buildings. He said he's actually taken professional photographs of buildings in OH London. I could tell how much he loved his job. I told him it was lovely meeting me.

My photographer friend was Love in manifestation. Love, as my friend, was enjoying doing what he loves - taking photographs of buildings.

About an hour later, as I was crossing the road, I noticed a cyclist coming towards me at high speed. Although it looked like we were about to collide, I was very calm as I knew the collision wasn't going to happen. The cyclist screeched to a halt and apologised for the close shave. I told him there was no harm done.

Where there is only Love, all creations exist in perfect harmony. Therefore, it's impossible for a piece of Love pedestrian to collide with a piece of Love cyclist.

Love is all there is.
All is in perfect harmony.


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