Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Light Worker

Since my mother had her last hip operation, she's been sleeping on her electric recliner chair, which she finds more comfortable than her bed.

Yesterday, I noticed she was sitting upright in her chair. She said the mechanism on the chair wasn't working properly; she could recline it but she couldn't lift it. She said she was thinking of getting a new chair as she believes it now needs replacing.

As it's going to take time to get a new chair organised, in secret, I projected Light to the chair and thanked Light for doing the lifting and reclining.

This morning I asked mum how her chair was and she said she had no problem lifting it. She said before she pressed the button, she asked God to do it. She still intends to get a new chair, which is fair enough. I trust in Light to provide all the resources she needs.

Light is the substance of all creations.
Light works everything perfectly.


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