Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Karma or Mercy? You Decide!

While there appears to be many different belief systems, I believe there are only two main models of reality - Karma or Mercy.

With Karma, your experiences are based on you actions and consequences of your actions. All actions arise from beliefs. There are two kinds of Karma - personal and collective. Personal Karma is based on my actions. Therefore, if I do good to others, I receive good in return; and if I do evil to others, I receive the same. Sometimes, consequences of my actions can be instant and sometimes they might take some time to bear fruits. Collective Karma come from: family and ancestors, friends, gender, race, nation, culture, religion or even the collective human consciousness.

Mercy is the principle that not only clears ALL actions and consequences of those actions but gives you as an individual a clean slate. Therefore, with Mercy there is always infinite love in every moment at one's disposal to play with. To activate Mercy, all I have to do is call on Mercy to do the work of transmutation or transformation.

Mercy is usually referred to as "Grace" but that comes with religious connotations that I don't believe in. For instance, Christians believe Jesus brought Grace into the world, which isn't true. Since Grace is an attribute of the Creator, which has always existed, then Grace has always existed. The Bible has examples of people, who lived before Jesus, who were very much aware of Grace and demonstrated Grace in their lives. I believe what Jesus did was create a ministry that was focused on demonstrating Grace in action. So I am going to refer to the principle as Mercy.

When the kitchen sink was blocked recently, my mother suggested I buy a product she'd seen advertised on the television that's supposed to unblock sinks. Instead of unblocking the sink, it just made the water drain slowly. Then it got blocked again. We then borrowed a plunger from our neighbour but that didn't work either. I went into a hardware store and asked a member of staff to recommend a product. The product was so powerful, when I poured some of the fluid down the drain I could hear it bubbling away and dissolving the blockage. Soon the drain was clear. We had to cancel the plumber we'd arranged to come round.

For me, the blocked sink and drain represents Karma that judges you on your actions - personal or collective. If you put gunk in the sink, sooner or later you should expect to suffer the consequences of your actions with a blocked drain. The powerful product that dissolved the blockage represents Mercy. Mercy doesn't judge or ask why or how, Mercy just goes about unblocking the drain. Obviously, we are now very careful what we let through the drain as we don't want it blocked again. We always have the product to fall back on anyway to clear any blockages.

I believe it is the collective human Karma that has created the endless cycle of birth, sickness, aging, death and reincarnation. Mercy, which is all about Real Life that has no beginning or end and is infinite love, gets one off that birth/death cycle.

I believe each individual has to decide for themselves whether they are under the law of Karma or Mercy.

I am under the Law of Mercy.


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