Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Illusory Nature of Time

I believe when something is real, it is constant and never changes. If you can change it, then it is unreal and illusory in nature.

I read in the news about how Samoa moved their time forward in order to make trading easier with Australia and New Zealand. So, instead of going from Thursday 29 December to Friday 30 September, they skipped Friday and went straight to Saturday 31 December, which means Samoa is now the first country to see the sunrise instead of the last.

It just shows how unreal time is if it can be manipulated to suit people's whims.

When you know time is unreal, then tomorrow doesn't have to be what we collectively agree it to be i.e. Monday 2 January 2012. Tomorrow can be any time I want it to be in the past or future. If I choose, I can relive the best experience I've ever had tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next infinitum.

Time is illusory in nature; that's why it can be speeded up, slowed down, skipped and even stopped when it suits purpose.

In reality there is no time.


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