Monday, 30 January 2012

Focusing on the True Cause

While I was browsing the Internet, a notice came on the computer screen notifying me that the Internet wasn't working. I noticed the light flashing on the Internet hub. I looked at the flashing light with the intention of sending it light and it was back to normal in seconds.

I said to my mother that the Internet hadn't been working and after I looked at it, it was back to normal.

"So you gave it the evil eye then?" she chuckled.

"Yes, I gave it the evil eye."

The light started flashing again signalling the Internet was back on the blink (pun intended).

"I wonder what's making it do that?" mum said.

"Never mind what is causing it!" I said. "What's important is how to fix it!"

I gazed at it for a few seconds but it kept on flashing. In thought I said "Thank you, Light, for fixing it!"

I then focused my attention on the television. When I looked back at the Internet hub I saw the light was back to normal."

Instead of looking to man-made causes to find a solution, I prefer to focus on the True Cause at all times.

I believe the True Cause of all creations (visible and invisible) is Light. Wherever there appears to be a problem, all I have to do is remember that Light is the Cause. Then Light's nature as boundlessness, freedom and limitlessness will then manifest as the appropriate solution without the need to take any action.

I don't care what the human cause of any situation is; I only care about the True Cause.

Light is all in all.


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