Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Everyone is Here!

While we were waiting for my brother and his son to come round for dinner, my mother went to have a shower.

When she finished her shower, I said to her, "They are here!"

"Where are they?" she said.

"There!" I pointed at the empty sofa. "Can't you see them?"

Mum glared at me in mock annoyance and headed to the kitchen.

Even though I was playing with her, I also did mean what I was saying.

I believe in every moment, everyone in the universe is always with me in spirit. Because the all is always present with me, I can communicate with everyone in thought or in silence.

I have observed that as spirit we are in total harmony and always willing to help one another, but our personalities are not always so cooperative. That's why, I find, it's best to communicate with all in spirit.

Although my brother arrived without his son, my nephew was still present in spirit.

Wherever I am, everyone is present.


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