Thursday, 5 January 2012

Calling on Mercy

After hearing about how two men were convicted 18 years after allegedly committing a murder, it got me thinking. What if someone who has committed a crime is genuinely sorry about their acts, should they be given clemency or still be convicted?

I believe even if the family of the victim are willing to forgive, the System has not been designed to let people easily off the hook as there are many people whose livelihood depend on crime, punishment and justice.

Is there another way one can be released from the tyranny of the law of "an eye for an eye" aka Karmic law?

I believe there is another Law which can be invoked, which I'm going to call Mercy.

What do I mean by Mercy?

I don't mean being kind or showing compassion to someone, but Mercy as a universal Principle or attribute that I can call on. Mercy in action might inspire me to have compassion or Mercy might not work through me at all.

My mother tells me her father, who was a devout Muslim, used to pray for people. On one occasion, a man came to ask grandfather for help. He had stolen money from his employer and was about to be prosecuted. My grandfather asked the man if he had committed the crime and the man said he had stolen the money for his family but he was sorry about his actions. My grandfather agreed to pray for the man but he told the man he still had to go to court the next day. The next day when the man arrived at court, he waited and waited for his case to be called but it didn't happen. When he asked the court clerk why his name hadn't been called, he was told that his name wasn't on the list. In fact, there was no record of him ever committing a crime. The man went back to my grandfather to thank him and grandfather warned him to never repeat the crime.

I believe what my grandfather had done was invoked Mercy on behalf of his client. Mercy erased the man's crime from record and memory. Put another way, Mercy created a new reality in which the man had never committed a crime.

I'm reminded of another story I once read about a man who had murdered someone and was waiting in Death Row. In the meantime, he had prayed for forgiveness and was at peace that he was now forgiven. On the day he was meant to be hanged, they tried several times but they couldn't hang him. The legal system had no choice but to set the man free.

I believe I don't have to wait till a desperate situation to call on Mercy. I can call on Mercy now and live with the awareness of Mercy in every moment.I can call on Mercy to make my day harmonious.I can call on Mercy to erase hurts and grievances, misdeeds and errors.

I believe Mercy can even protect one from accidents, which some might call Divine Intervention. Since I was run over when I was a child, I've had two near-misses. Once when a van appeared out of nowhere and was about to hit me, a hand pulled me out of the way. When I looked back to thank whoever it was, there was no one there. The other intervention occurred as recently as 6 or 7 years ago when I was nearly run over by a bus. Time slowed down and I had all the time in the world to get out of the way.

I believe Mercy releases one from the tyranny of Karma.


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