Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Calling on Energy

In this world, nothing is free; everything comes at a price.

I either have to give money in exchange for whatever I want or give something in exchange.

There is another way.

I can receive the energy for whatever I need, then that energy takes on the particular form.

My mother had to go to the hospital to see the consultant and have some tests done. The ambulance picked her up and dropped her back. When she returned, she was struggling to get up the stairs. I stood behind her and told her she could do it. I then projected energy towards her. In other words, I was sending her the energy for walking up the stairs which helped her get up a lot faster and effortlessly than she would have.

Later, I asked my mother if she'd noticed any difference walking up and she said she noticed she got up a lot faster and it was a lot easier. She said the last time she tried to walk up the stairs on her own, she was huffing and puffing and wishing I was there to help her. It took her ages to get to the top. It was then I told her that I'd been giving her energy to help her get up.

All realities are available as energy that we can all receive at any moment for free!


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