Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Everyone is Here!

While we were waiting for my brother and his son to come round for dinner, my mother went to have a shower.

When she finished her shower, I said to her, "They are here!"

"Where are they?" she said.

"There!" I pointed at the empty sofa. "Can't you see them?"

Mum glared at me in mock annoyance and headed to the kitchen.

Even though I was playing with her, I also did mean what I was saying.

I believe in every moment, everyone in the universe is always with me in spirit. Because the all is always present with me, I can communicate with everyone in thought or in silence.

I have observed that as spirit we are in total harmony and always willing to help one another, but our personalities are not always so cooperative. That's why, I find, it's best to communicate with all in spirit.

Although my brother arrived without his son, my nephew was still present in spirit.

Wherever I am, everyone is present.


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Song of the Day - 8

"Rapture of Love" by Anita Baker.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Focusing on the True Cause

While I was browsing the Internet, a notice came on the computer screen notifying me that the Internet wasn't working. I noticed the light flashing on the Internet hub. I looked at the flashing light with the intention of sending it light and it was back to normal in seconds.

I said to my mother that the Internet hadn't been working and after I looked at it, it was back to normal.

"So you gave it the evil eye then?" she chuckled.

"Yes, I gave it the evil eye."

The light started flashing again signalling the Internet was back on the blink (pun intended).

"I wonder what's making it do that?" mum said.

"Never mind what is causing it!" I said. "What's important is how to fix it!"

I gazed at it for a few seconds but it kept on flashing. In thought I said "Thank you, Light, for fixing it!"

I then focused my attention on the television. When I looked back at the Internet hub I saw the light was back to normal."

Instead of looking to man-made causes to find a solution, I prefer to focus on the True Cause at all times.

I believe the True Cause of all creations (visible and invisible) is Light. Wherever there appears to be a problem, all I have to do is remember that Light is the Cause. Then Light's nature as boundlessness, freedom and limitlessness will then manifest as the appropriate solution without the need to take any action.

I don't care what the human cause of any situation is; I only care about the True Cause.

Light is all in all.


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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Diplomatic Immunity - Revisited

I am a Light diplomat.

As a diplomat of Light, I have diplomatic immunity at all times. In other words, I am immune to beliefs dreamed up by man and only under the Laws of Love-Light.

However when I forget who I am or lose/misplace my passport, I lose that immunity and am subject to the laws that man have dreamed up.

The good news is it's never too late to reclaim my diplomatic immunity! All I have to do is know my Source as Light.


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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Friday, 27 January 2012

Song of the Day - 6

In my dream last night, I was telling everyone how much I liked Madonna (which I do). I've actually been to her concert at Wembley. I was also singing and dancing to this song in my dream.

"Get Into the Groove" by Madonna.


Being Picked Up

I stopped off at the local supermarket for a few items my mother wanted. At first the bags felt OK to carry but then they got heavier. Then I thought to myself, why am I struggling when I can ask for help?

"Thank you for carrying the bags for me!"

The moment I had the thought, I noticed a car driving towards me. Then the car stopped. (I reckon if this was a movie, the car wheels would have screeched for dramatic effect). The driver wound down his window and called out.

As I was walking back towards him, I wondered whether he was lost and needed help.

"Hello, how are you?" he said looking me up and down.

"I'm fine, thank you!"

I vaguely recognised him as someone I've said hello to before.

"Where are you going?" he said.


I mean, where else would I be going with shopping bags, to a night club?

"Where do you live?" he said.

"Just down this road," I pointed.

"Hop in and I'll give you a lift!" he said.

"I'm alright. Like I said, I only live down this road."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, thank you!"

"OK, see you tomorrow then," he said and he drove off.

The reason why I didn't accept my friend's lift was because I had picked up from the way he'd been checking me out that I was being picked up; and I wasn't up for it.

I did find our brief encounter such a pick-me-up that I was flying high and the bags felt light; and the rest of the few minutes walk was effortless.

Thank you, Universe, for doing everything...when I remember to ask!


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Thursday, 26 January 2012

There's No Getting Away from the Almighty!

A search engine called Gibiru was brought to my attention, which claims to allow people to search anonymously without being spied on.

The interesting thing about this search engine is that it's powered by Google.

What a contradiction!

It's rather like asking God to leave you alone to get on with your life while you're still dependent on God's energy, which is everywhere present, to survive. That's asking for the impossible!

One thing I KNOW is that all search engines are powered by the One Light/Source whose intention is always GOOD.

There's no getting away from the Almighty!


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Postal Delivery

I believe the Omnipotent Light/Creative Intelligence/God/Love/Spirit/Source is everywhere present but what we, as humans, are tapping into is only the tip of the iceberg. I believe in order to experience Its full Power, it's important to acknowledge Its presence at all times and let the Power work for you.

Because my mother has been having difficulty getting up and down the stairs, she usually waits for me to pick up her mail. As she was expecting an important letter, she said she would try and go down and pick them up when they arrive. She believed God will help her.

"The Light of God is already here and now, mum," I said. "Instead of asking God to help you, why not let God pick up the letters for you? Then you won't have to struggle."

Later, mum told me that just before she was going to pick up her letters, the doorbell rang and it was the postman delivering a parcel. When she opened the door to let him in, he not only brought up the parcel he picked up her letters too.

"See what I mean about letting Light do the work?" I said.

Mum said she understood.

Light is everywhere present and always perfect.
Light does everything when I let It.


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Is that You?

While I was in the library, I noticed this man working on a computer who reminded me of my friend but this man had glasses on. My friend doesn't wear glasses. I decided it probably wasn't him as he's meant to be away on a business trip anyway.

On my way out, I noticed the same man standing outside using his mobile phone. I realised it was my friend. After we hugged I told him I'd seen him earlier and was wondering whether it was him but wasn't sure because of his glasses. He said he has just started using glasses which he now needs.

I asked him about his business trip and he said he was actually arranging it right at that moment.

He promised to call me soon so we can have a proper catch up.

I love how the Universe answers my questions!


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Sole Searching

"Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul." Mary Baker Eddy
I walk at least 40 miles a week. Because of all that walking, my boots wear out quite quickly. One pair I got from a reputable company fell apart within 3 months. Fortunately, I still had the receipt and my money was refunded. I didn't tell the shop manager how much walking I had done with them though as he probably wouldn't have been so understanding. Years ago, I bought a pair from that same company which lasted me several years, and I did a lot of walking with them. I reckon boots manufacturers should get me to test out their boots and see if they are really strong or just for show.

When another of my walking boots fell apart, my mother offered to order some that she'd seen in a catalogue which looked strong. Although I liked them, I didn't want her to order them just in case they didn't fit properly and I had to go through the rigmarole of returning them. She suggested I looked in the shops and see if I found any I liked and she would treat me.

I thought I'd go to another "reputable" store. At least I know that with them, they'll refund my money if there's anything wrong, as long as I have the receipt. The shop I had in mind didn't have any boots in my size.

I then put out the intention for Light/Source to find me suitable boots.

As I was walking home, I had an idea to check out a particular area that had shoe shops. Although those shops are not on the route I usually walk, I could easily make a detour. I couldn't be bothered. I decided I would go to another shopping centre the next day where I would be able to find my boots. I thought that I might even link up with a friend who lives in that area. While I was busy day-dreaming, I noticed my feet had taken over. I found myself walking in the direction of the area I had thought of earlier. So I stopped day-dreaming and let my sole do the searching. Ha!

I finally found myself in front of this shoe shop that I've often wondered about but I've never been in. It was still open. I entered and had a look round. The boots I was drawn to were very trendy and fashionable but they didn't look practical. The shop assistant, who had been watching me, asked me what I was looking for. I told him I needed sturdy walking boots. The boots he recommended looked almost identical to the ones my mother was going to order for me. They were not only stylish but sturdy too. Perfect!

On the wall, behind the shop's counter, I noticed a flyer with the words "Inner Soul." I asked the assistant what it meant and he said they were advertising a night club in the area and recommended that I check it out sometime. He even gave me a promotional "Inner Soul" CD for free.

I believe my Soul, who knows what is right in every situation, led me to that shop where I not only found my boots, I was given an Inner Soul CD.

I trust these boots to take me the full distance.


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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Top Up

I believe each of us is the Infinite Love/Light/Self in manifestation. Therefore, we all have access to infinite love, light, power and wisdom at any moment.

I have observed when I'm fretting about stuff, I'm not experiencing my nature as Infinite Self. Because thoughts consume a lot of energy, I start feeling depleted of energy, which I need to top up.

I find there are two ways to top up: the natural and the unnatural way.

With the natural way, all I have to do is to be still and know that I am Infinite Self and I have infinite energy within me. I find when I'm experiencing life from inner silence, where I have no thoughts, I am constantly topped up.

The unnatural way is when I ask someone to send me energy. There are lots of energy "healers" who have a "calling" to do just that. The reason why I call it "unnatural" is because I already have all the energy I need within me, therefore, seeking it from without is unnatural. Besides, the moment I seek something outside I have to put up with other people's rules and limitations. For instance, a healer is always going to be limited by what they can offer me in terms of time. However, this way is useful for emergency support.

I have observed people who top up by taking energy from those who they sense have plenty of energy to spare and to share. If the "sharer" is not self-aware, they will find themselves feeling aches and pains, tiredness, and even feeling anxious or irritated and not understanding why they are feeling this way. If the "sharer" is self-aware, they will know exactly what's going on and can then choose whether they are willing to share their energy or not.

While I was travelling on the bus, a man came upstairs. He had this "crazy look" about him and he looked straight at me. Even though there were other seats available in front I knew he was going to come and sit next to me, which he did. He started chatting to himself. I could sense he was using me to top up his energy, which he was depleting with his "crazy talk." I wasn't up for it so in thought I affirmed: "I am invincible Light. Nothing can be added to or taken away from my Light." A passenger on the left got up and my "friend" swapped seats to "feed off" someone else.

I am Light.
All is Light.

Nothing can be added to or taken away from Light.


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Being Proactive

A while back, I had a dream where I was told by someone that I wasn't using the gifts I have been given. That gift is Light. I was advised to project light everywhere I am and work with Light.

Over the years, I have realised it's important for me know myself as Light first. Identifying myself as Light is very easy as I have experienced myself as pure Light many times during meditation.

The next step is to be proactive, which was what I was being told in that dream.

As I see it, being proactive is projecting Light from me and activating the Light with my intentions.

When I know myself as Light, it's only natural that I would want to express/shine my Light.

Light is my life.


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Light Worker

Since my mother had her last hip operation, she's been sleeping on her electric recliner chair, which she finds more comfortable than her bed.

Yesterday, I noticed she was sitting upright in her chair. She said the mechanism on the chair wasn't working properly; she could recline it but she couldn't lift it. She said she was thinking of getting a new chair as she believes it now needs replacing.

As it's going to take time to get a new chair organised, in secret, I projected Light to the chair and thanked Light for doing the lifting and reclining.

This morning I asked mum how her chair was and she said she had no problem lifting it. She said before she pressed the button, she asked God to do it. She still intends to get a new chair, which is fair enough. I trust in Light to provide all the resources she needs.

Light is the substance of all creations.
Light works everything perfectly.


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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Not My Calling!

I recently carried out an experiment where I shared the Inner Silence with certain people. All I had to do was be still and the other received that stillness though from the feedback I received, each individual experienced that stillness in their own unique way.

Although I found the experiment interesting, I don't feel that particular way of sharing the Inner Silence is my calling. I shall, therefore, be discontinuing that experiment. Thanks to all who participated in the experiment.

I believe as the One/Source is in all, it is up to each individual to access the One directly for themselves.

I shall continue to share my realisations and experiences in writing (which is my calling) in case people find them useful.



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Calling on Energy

In this world, nothing is free; everything comes at a price.

I either have to give money in exchange for whatever I want or give something in exchange.

There is another way.

I can receive the energy for whatever I need, then that energy takes on the particular form.

My mother had to go to the hospital to see the consultant and have some tests done. The ambulance picked her up and dropped her back. When she returned, she was struggling to get up the stairs. I stood behind her and told her she could do it. I then projected energy towards her. In other words, I was sending her the energy for walking up the stairs which helped her get up a lot faster and effortlessly than she would have.

Later, I asked my mother if she'd noticed any difference walking up and she said she noticed she got up a lot faster and it was a lot easier. She said the last time she tried to walk up the stairs on her own, she was huffing and puffing and wishing I was there to help her. It took her ages to get to the top. It was then I told her that I'd been giving her energy to help her get up.

All realities are available as energy that we can all receive at any moment for free!


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Song of the Day - 5

This song was in my dream last night.

"You To Me are Everything" by The Real Thing.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tiger Song

While I was chatting to my mother about tigers, her favourite animal, I said to her that I didn't know any songs about tigers. Then I remembered the song "Eye of the Tiger" which I sang for her.

Later, a friend sent me a video link via email about a friendship between Spike (a Pitbull dog) and Visa (a kitten). After I had finished watching it, I noticed a link to the sequel of the video.

In the sequel the song "Eye of the Tiger" was playing in the background.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry ~~ William Blake

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A Catalogue of Refusals

As I was walking past our local shopping centre, I saw two women with plastic bags giving out their shop's catalogues. One asked me if I would like one but I said no.

After I finished doing some shopping and caught a minicab, the first thing the driver said to me was, "Here's a catalogue someone gave me. Do you want it?"

"Actually, someone offered me this same catalogue earlier but I told her I didn't want it," I said.

Listen up, Universe, I've said it once and I'll say it again, I don't want or need any catalogues, thank you!


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Déjà Vu

Since my mother's last operation, she has been moving around with a Zimmer Frame. Because she has difficulty going down the stairs, I have to pick up her mail for her. Only when I'm away does she try to do it herself.

While I was taking one of my long walks, I saw this woman standing outside her flat. She beckoned me over, handed me a letter and asked if I could deliver it to the flat below through their letter box, which I did.

When I came upstairs, she thanked me and said because the stairs are so steep she couldn't manage it. For a moment I thought I was speaking to my mother.

Talk about déjà vu!


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Friday, 20 January 2012

Song of the Day - 4

"Mystery" by Anita Baker.


To Recycle or Not to Recycle?

I love chewing on toilet paper. I used to swallow them but I don't any more; I just chew them and spit them out.

I just love how soft they feel. I also have my preferred brand.

The dilemma is when I'm in a public place, I'm never sure what bin to put my chewed paper in.

Should I throw them in the bin for recycled paper or should I throw them in the bin for other kinds of rubbish?

Decisions, decisions! :-)


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I'll Be Back!

Everything I possess are not only part of me, I see them as my loving friends. I don't like being separated from them. If for any reason I need to be parted from them, I feel it's important to let them know why.

When I left my boots at the shoe repairs to be heeled, I felt a bit of sadness. So in thought I assured my boots that the cobbler was going to heal them and make them feel much better and I would be back to collect them later. I felt better after I had sent the thought.

I was so happy to be reunited with my friends. :-)


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Thursday, 19 January 2012

What the World Needs Now is More Dreamers

A friend and I were discussing the importance of having a vision. As the Bible puts it: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." (Proverbs 29: 18)

My friend has expressed what can happen when people have no vision in this art called Economic Casualty, which he said he finished just before the riots occurred last year.

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Friday, 10 July 2009

What the World Needs Now is More Dreamers

"If you can explain everything what's left to believe in?" Sacred Ground, Star Trek Voyager

"The dreamers are the saviours of the world. As the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so men, through all their trials and sins and sordid vocations, are nourished by the beautiful visions of their solitary dreamers. Humanity cannot forget its dreamers; it cannot let their ideals fade and die; it lives in them; it knows them as the realities which it shall one day see and know." As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen
In a recent email discussion with a friend, she said her idea of love is to show up in person and helping people in need and providing money, food and shelter. She believes that it is only when people's bellies are full that they are ready to hear about the other part of the message of love. I told her that if people have that calling good luck to them but I don't buy it into that reality nor do I believe in humanitarian efforts. Why? Because I believe the more you focus on the externals of lack, the more you end up magnifying it. That's why no matter how many millions of bags of food you provide for the starving; no matter how many hospitals you build for the sick; no matter how many homes you build for the homeless; no matter how many schools you build; no matter how much money you throw at a situation; they will never be sufficient. I believe the solution to the world's problems does not lie with politicians and humanitarian effort but in the unseen i.e. that which cannot be experienced with the senses. And one way to bring this forth is by faith.

I had a sleeping dream recently when I saw a wound on my left arm that started bleeding. I called out to my mother to get me a plaster to dress the wound. She said she was going to find one. I found a plaster on the arm of the chair I was sitting on, which I presumed my mother had left there. After I had dressed the wound, my mother turned up with a box of plasters.

"But you've already given me one," I showed her my arm. "See?"

"It can't have come from me because I've only just found these," she said. "How did you get that plaster?"

"It just appeared. I thought it was from you."

"That's amazing!" she said. Then I woke up.

I believe the wound on my arm symbolises human suffering of all kinds. I was being reminded that all solutions are available right now in the "unseen" and it's a matter of calling it forth and letting it reveal itself in any way it chooses.

My mother was admitted in hospital recently for an operation. As she does majority of the cooking, I knew I was going to miss her, big time. There was some food in the fridge to last me for a couple of days. After that I would need to buy some ingredients to cook. I figured I would just cook some pasta and vegetables which should keep me going for a few days. If I didn't feel like cooking I could always live on sandwiches and breakfast cereal.

The next day I looked at the almost empty fridge and the possibility of having to prepare a meal was looming. Damn! There was only one solution. I thought to myself, "This Fridge is full of food" and closed the fridge door knowing that my thoughts are real.

When I went to visit my mother later at the hospital, I shared my vision of a full fridge with her. She told me her daughter-in-law had brought her some sandwiches and fruits for her. Another friend had also brought her some fruits. So I ended up having some of her sandwiches and stored the rest in the hospital fridge. I was so stuffed that I didn't need to eat anything when I went home.

On my next visit, my mother told me her daughter-in-law had sent her some more food. As she'd been eating hospital food she said it was all getting too much for her and begged me to take some of the food, the remainder of the sandwiches, and fruits home. As I was stocking the fridge my earlier thought of a full fridge was coming true right before my eyes. Now that I had cooked food in the fridge, I no longer had any appetite, so I had a banana and peanut butter sandwich.

The next day I opened the fridge and looked at all the food but I wasn't in the mood. I had some banana and made myself some tuna sandwich. I figured the food would keep which my mother could have when she came out of hospital.

After living off sandwiches and breakfast cereal for a couple of days, I decided to cook a big pot of pasta and vegetables. When my mother returned home from hospital, she had a choice whether to have some pasta or the leftovers from my sister-in-law. She chose my sister-in-law's food. The next day my sister-in-law brought some more cooked food for my mother.

My mother said now she was recuperating she wanted to be eating lots of fruits and vegetables. The next day her friend brought two huge bags of fruits and vegetables and some fruit juice. There was so much that there was barely enough space in the fridge for all of them. To create space, I prepared my mother some fruit salad.

I pointed out to my mother how my vision of a full fridge had come true.

"Not only is the fridge full, it's overflowing with food," she said.

"Yes, it just shows all things already exist in the unseen it's a matter of calling it forth,” I said. "Doesn't the Bible refer to it as callings things that be not as though they were?" (Romans 4: 17)

"Yes it does. The Bible also says that everything that we see comes from the unseen." (Hebrews 11: 3)

"And when you call the unseen forth, it's important to have faith and let it happen," I said.

"It's amazing how the Bible prophecy is coming true right now."

There have been many times when my purse has been empty and I have not seen it as empty but full of money. I have ended up receiving money. There are times when I've reversed fatigue by just reminding myself that I am full of energy.

I believe the kind of love the world needs is more dreamers and visionaries i.e. people who can see with faith and bring the "unseen" into the "seen." I also believe that each of us has to be a dreamer and call forth our own unique ideal to be made manifest. If people don't call forth their ideal, someone else is going to and people will have to go with the flow. Take one example of recycling which is based on the belief in depleted resources. But the unseen, which is infinite, can never be depleted. It just shows that the idea of recycling is based on evidence of things seen than the unseen.

I find it interesting how before parliament passes an act, it has to go through various stages. What a waste of time! Who needs to lobby parliament when you can call it forth in thought? For instance, about a year ago while I was reading a newspaper I noticed a policy that was being proposed by the government which I took an instant dislike to and decided was never going to happen. Just last week I read that after spending lots of money on preliminary studies, the government has decided to ditch it. That's the power of vision.

Back to the dialogue I had with my friend, it's only natural for those who are 3D orientated to believe that love means nourishing the needy in a physical way. However, those who have faith in the unseen know that all solutions lie in the unseen that needs to be called forth.

I am dreaming the universe of my dreams. Care to join me?


* The Star Trek Voyager episode called Sacred Ground is now available on YouTube.

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I have observed that the Universe always attracts people that I resonate with effortlessly. No need to force things to happen, they just happen organically at the right time.

As I was walking home yesterday, I saw this man I vaguely recognised but I couldn't remember where we'd met before. We ended up chatting and he turned out he's an artist and he reminded me that I'd met him at an art gallery.

We briefly discussed ideas I'd been pondering on at the time and he shared his motivation behind his previous art pieces, which I could relate to. I promised to email him a link to an article I'd written.

You can view some of his work here.

Thank you, Universe, for connecting like-minds.


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Lying to Myself or Speaking the Truth?

While I was walking home, I had a cramp in one foot. I thought to myself "I'm alright!" and it passed.

About half an hour later, the other foot seized up in pain. Again I told myself "I'm alright!" and continued walking. I had to repeat it several times before my foot went back to normal.

At home while I was having a meal, the cramp was back on the same foot and I repeated "There's nothing wrong with me!" and the cramp dissolved.

When I went to bed, the cramp was back in the same foot. This time I said to myself "I am Love and I'm feeling good!" and it passed.

It didn't happen again.

It would appear that each time I experienced the cramp, I was lying to myself.

The truth of the matter is I wasn't lying to myself, I was expressing the Truth as Spirit, which is my real identity.

Spirit is always well and happy!


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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Song of the Day - 3

"Pricless" by Anita Baker.


Some Solutions Never Change

While I was trying to fix something with glue, I got a lot of it on the tip of my fingers. I tried soaking my fingers in warm water and tried to peel the glue off but that didn't work.

My mother suggested I try spirit but that didn't do the job.

Then I remembered that I'd been in this sticky situation before. At the time when I asked myself how to remove the glue, I had the idea to file the tip of my fingers.

That's exactly what I did and it worked.

Some solutions never change.

If I ever need to use glue again, I'm going to wear rubber gloves.


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The Unchanging is Changing

Last night I had the following thought:

"Reality is unchanging and constant and yet Reality in expression is subject to change."

How is it possible for that which is unchanging to be changing?

Let's take one attribute of Reality - Love.

Love never changes but when expressed in human forms, Love evolves in an upwardly spiral way and society becomes more tolerant. See Love Evolution

I welcome change in my body as it enables me to experience greater beauty, harmony, radiance, regeneration, rejuvenation, symmetry and well being.

I welcome change in my relationships as it enables me to experience greater acceptance, love and harmony.

I welcome change in my personal affairs as it enables me to experience greater creativity, enjoyment, freedom, fulfillment, order and prosperity.

I welcome change in my consciousness as it enables me to experience greater revelations, trust and wonder.

The Unchanging is changing; and with that change comes greater happiness and well being.

I embrace change in all areas of my life.


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A Touch of Benny Hill

The library I use frequently is usually very quiet and only attracts business people. There's always an exception to every rule.

While I was in the library a man ran in and was being chased by another guy. The man being chased kept saying "What are you trying to do to me?"

The man doing the chasing was joined by another man and another and they ran around the library. I exchanged amazed looks with the guy sitting next to me and we both sniggered. I noticed one of the security guards trying to catch the man in front but he missed. In the end, the man was caught and everything was back to normal.

Before I left I spoke to one of the security guards I'm friendly with.

"So, what did you do to that man I saw running around earlier?"

"He was a robber and was being chased by a plain clothes police officer," he said.

"You're kidding me! How could a police officer chase someone in the library?"

"It's true! He got spotted trying to nick a bike and he ran in. He probably thought the police officer wouldn't come after him."

"It was so unreal! For a moment I thought we were in a TV show or something," I said.

"It reminded me of a scene from "Benny Hill"* when they are usually chasing each other."

"So true!" I laughed. "It was like a Benny Hill chase! I thought it was hilarious!"

"I was surprised no one complained about the noise," he said. "I was expecting someone to say 'Shhh, this is a library!'"

"Too right! I should have complained!" I chuckled. "Did I see you trying to catch the man?"

"Yes, I tried to trip him up but he just jumped over me."

"But how did the police know he was trying to nick the bike?" I said.

"The clue was the saw he was using to cut through the bicycle lock."

"Yeah, but, how did they know he hadn't lost his key and wasn't trying to break into the lock?"

"In that case, he shouldn't have run then!"

"Good point!"

"Don't ever get a job as a solicitor, you'll be rubbish at it!" he said. "You're better off doing whatever you do when you come here."

I don't have to go looking for entertainment, entertainment comes looking for me...and it's free too.


* The Benny Hill Show was a British sketch comedy show starring Benny Hill and others. At the end of each episode, there would always be a chase scene where Benny Hill is either being chased by others or he's doing the chasing. Here is a video of a Benny Hill type chase. The clip is not from the show but the music is the show's theme tune.

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Been Wondering about You

Two days ago as I was walking by this building, I thought about a friend who works in there at the reception area. Whenever I see him, he always tells me how gorgeous I am looking and how one of these days he's going to pay me a visit. I wondered how he was. I even looked through the windows to see if I could see him but he wasn't there.

Today, as I was walking by, I saw him coming towards me. I told him I'd been wondering about him.

He was looking well. He said he went away to Mexico last year and he really loved it.

He told me I was looking slim and gorgeous as ever! He asked me when I was going to invite him round.

When I wonder about how someone is, they always find a way to let me know how they are.


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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

No Difference Whatsoever

"If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same." Rudyard Kipling
Usually when I'm travelling on the bus with my eyes open, I notice the views are constantly changing. One moment the bus is driving through a "nice" area of London then you're in an area that's not so nice. If I don't want to judge what I'm seeing, I observe from the place of stillness.

Today, I decided to keep my eyes closed throughout the journey. Because I was seeing with my inner self, it made no difference whatsoever where the bus was travelling as everything felt the same; and the journey was very peaceful.

When I experience life with my senses, I see difference and separation.

When I experience life with my inner being/inner silence, I see equality and unity.


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More about Knowing

While I was at my friend's place, we got chatting about an American sci-fi TV series I used to watch years ago but neither of us could remember the name. I repeated to myself "I KNOW the name!" I could easily have Googled it but I decided to just relax and let my knowing happen. The name soon popped up in consciousness - The X Files.

As I was staying the night at my friend's, I was aware that I needed to wake up at a certain time, which is a lot earlier than I'm used to. I wanted to wake up before the alarm went off. As I don't wear a watch I kept waking up and wondering what time it was.

Then I decided to relax and told myself that I will KNOW when to wake up.

During my sleep, I saw the number 7 flash in my mind's eye. I had a feeling it was 7 am but the alarm didn't go off. I went back to sleep. Not long after, the alarm went off.

My friend told me he'd set the alarm to go off at 7.10.

When I KNOW that I know, I always know how, why and when.


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Monday, 16 January 2012

Conspiracy Theories - Revisited

In the Star Trek Voyager called The Voyager Conspiracy, Seven of Nine is trying to assimilate as much information as possible from the computer database. As she tries to make sense of the information, she comes up with theories about how the ship got stuck in the Alpha Quadrant and how the captain can't be trusted. Her theories are so convincing that the crew starts getting suspicious of one another. They finally realise Seven of Nine is overloaded with data and she needs to free herself up or she'll go mad.

That's the mind for you, it tends to try and make sense of stuff by analysing data and coming up with conclusions whether they are true or false. Here's one example.

One morning when I was half asleep, I had this vivid dream where I saw a cat lying against a chair and stroking my mother's cheek. The cat was so loving and affectionate. I said to him "You're a very good boy, aren't you?"

As soon as I woke up, I switched the computer on to read an online newspaper. The first story that caught my attention was about a cat that had been filmed soothing a baby to sleep by stroking the baby's cheek. I was amazed how similar my dream was to the video. Is it possible I was picking up on the article and I had interpreted it the way I had? (You can watch the video here).

What about all those conspiracy theories flying about? Is it possible the human mind is trying to make sense of all the data in rather the same way Seven of Nine was trying to make sense of all the information she'd assimilated?

Another thing about conspiracy theories is they tend to ask a lot of questions that you can't answer.

Is this article another conspiracy theory?


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Them and Us Mentality

In a Star Trek Voyager episode called Nemesis, Chakotay's shuttle is shot down and he finds himself on this planet where there is a battle going on between two humanoid species: the Vori and the Kradin. Both species refer to each other as their "nemesis." At first, Chakotay doesn't want to get involved; he simply wants to retrieve his shuttle and return to Voyager. He then finds himself bonding with the Vori soldiers and starts to empathise with them so much that when they get killed and innocent Vori villagers are captured by the Kradin, he decides to fight against the Kradin.

In the meantime, Captain Janeway of Voyager, has been searching for Chakotay. She even asks the Kradin to help locate him and they agree to do so. When Chakotay is found, he's so embroiled in the battle against the Kradin, he doesn't even recognise his colleague, Tuvok. Tuvok tells him that he's actually been involved in a simulation where he's being brainwashed to become a foot soldier for the Vori. Tuvok makes Chakotay see how all the Vori soldiers who he thought had been killed, and the Vori villagers who he had seen captured were all part of the simulation. Later Chakotay confesses to his captain that even though he's back in his right mind, he's still having difficulty letting go of his hatred for the Kradin.

Speaking of which, there's a lot of talk at the moment about humanity waking up en masse to the Truth that we are one. And yet the "them and us" mentality is still prevalent in the human psyche. There are lots of material being disseminated on the Internet right now about the "them" having a huge advantage over the "us"; and how the "them" are controlling the "us."

That "them and us" mentality is like the simulation that Chakotay was in when he was seeing adversaries everywhere and fighting an imaginary battle with himself.

I believe regardless of how things appear, as long as I continue to have that "them and us" mentality, I can never experience Unity Consciousness.

How do I get rid of that "them and us" mentality?

I believe one way is to see everyone as having the same source - Love-Light. Whether they are humans, animals or trees, friends or strangers, all is Love-Light.

Another way is to lose my mind as it is the mind that creates that "them and us" mentality in the first place. When I am in silence and I have no thoughts, I have lost my mind.

There is no "them and us."

All is Love-Light.
All is One.


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Leading a Normal Life

I was chatting to a friend recently about how important it is for me to lead a normal life.

What does leading a "normal life" mean for me?

Being the Me, the unconditioned Self, I've always been, that is totally free;
Expressing the Creative Intelligence in every day life;
Doing what I love;
Being with people I love;
Being happy;
Sharing my joy; and
Following my heart.

That's as normal as I get!
Take me or leave me!


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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Carrying Myself

When I got out of the supermarket with two heavy bags of shopping I put out an intention for help to carry the bags. Although the bags felt a bit lighter, they were still heavy.

Then I changed my intent to "Thank you for carrying the shopping!"

Suddenly, my perception of the bags changed - they were no longer separate from me, they were an extension of my body. In other words, I was no longer carrying bags I was carrying myself.

And the 20 minutes walk home was effortless.

Thank you, Universe, for doing everything!


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Love Does Everything

Last night I watched the film, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Although I've seen it twice before, I saw something I haven't seen before.

In the first instalment called Bridget Jones's Diary, Bridget is looking for love which she finds in Mark Darcy. In "The Edge of Reason" after Bridget and Mark have been going out for only a short while they start having problems and they split up. Bridget ends up working with her ex-boyfriend Daniel and they are both sent to Thailand to cover a story. Although things really heat up between them, they don't sleep together.

While packing to go home, Bridget's friend Shazzer, who has accompanied her to Thailand, asks her to carry a statue that a friend has given her in her suitcase. The statue turns out to have drugs inside. Bridget is arrested for drug trafficking and is told that unless they find the man who gave Shazzer the statue, she will be in jail for a long time.

In prison, Bridget gets a visit from Mark Darcy who has a photo of a young man whom Bridget identifies as the man who had given Shazzer the statue. Mark tells her she will be released shortly. Mark is very aloof towards Bridget and tells Bridget he's only the messenger and doing what he's been asked to do. Bridget believes Mark no longer loves her.

When Bridget returns home, her friends tell her how hard Mark has been working to get her released. He had in fact done everything: gone to Thailand to investigate and catch the real drug trafficker, communicated with the government and other agencies to catch the criminal and arranged for Bridget to be released. Bridget realises that Mark must really love her if he's done all that for her. Bridget and Mark are reunited in love.

Mark represents Divine Love that does the work of caring, creating, freeing, healing, inspiring, protecting, providing, sustaining, revealing and so much more. All I need to do is acknowledge Love's presence in all things, trust in Love and let Love do whatever is necessary.

I trust in Love.


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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Importance of Receptivity

"Be still and know that I am God." ~~ Psalm 46: 10

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." ~~ Psalm 119: 18


ALLISON: Please, why are you being so nice to me?
CLAIRE: 'Cause you're letting me. The Breakfast Club
After a friend asked me recently if I've ever considered sharing the Presence within directly with others, I decided to practise on my mother.

Because I didn't want us to be interrupted, I asked her to take the phone off the hook. I then asked her to relax. I told her I was going to share the Presence/Stillness with her for 15 minutes. She laid back on her recliner chair. Then I went into inner silence where I have no thoughts.

After a while the phone started emitting a distress signal, which brought our session to an abrupt end. I'd forgotten that the dialing tone changes when you leave the phone off the hook to remind you to hang up properly. Our session lasted 10 minutes, which I thought was long enough anyway.

I asked mum if she felt anything during the session. She said she started feeling her body and the chair swaying but she felt very peaceful. She said the last time she felt her body swaying like that was after her last operation when she was pumped up with drugs. Then the room was not only moving, she was hallucinating too, which she found frightening. I renenber teasing her that she was tripping! :)

When I'm at home, about 80% of the time, I'm in silence whether I'm eating, watching television, browsing the Internet or having a conversation. Why is it that my mother has never experienced that feeling of buoyancy before? I believe it's because she hasn't been in a receptive state.

I believe Love is everywhere present but to experience that Love we have to be receptive at all times. I don't always experience life in stillness but there are other ways I practise being receptive to the Good around me.

One way is feeling grateful whether things are going my way or not. Gratitude opens my eyes to see all the good there is and how things are always working out for the best even when they don't seem like it at the time.

Another way I stay open is by using relevant affirmations. Sometimes I use my own and other times I use someone else's affirmation. What happens with affirmations is they come to life and do whatever one is affirming. Here's one affirmation that helps me open up:
"All channels are free and all doors fly open for my immediate and endless, Divinely Designed supply." ~~ Florence Scovel Shinn
Another way is I ask, through prayer, for me to be open and receive.

Still another way is to wonder about all the good there is and my wondering comes true.

I believe in this reality we collectively call earth, the key to eternal happiness is being in a state of receptivity at all times. Otherwise, I might as well be sitting next to a spring of fresh water and dying of thirst.


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My Experience with Shinki

Years ago, as part of my quest for healing I trained in Reiki, a technique that helps you tap into universal energy for your personal use and to help others. For a short while, I practised on myself first and then on others. Then I moved on to experimenting with other healing modalities including spiritual healing.

Although I don't practise Reiki in the traditional sense now, I'm still interested in how it's "evolving." I discovered a website recently where through experimenting with energy, Reiki practitioners, Dragan Pavlovic and Don Beckett, found a way of accessing Shinki directly. Check out the website for further details.

As I was curious to experience Shinki, I arranged to have three 15 minutes distance sessions with the practitioners.

Just before the agreed time of our first session, I started feeling energy building up, which felt warm. During the session, I was experiencing period pain so I lay my hands on my abdomen and the pain stopped. I also experienced a lot of mental activity in the form of thoughts and visions. I watched the thoughts pass by in rather the same way the sky must observe clouds passing below with detachment. I emailed Don and described my experience, which I felt was tainted by those thought forms. I said in our next session, I was going to filter out the thoughts and see how I feel.

In the second session, I was just still and had no thoughts. This time, I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary; I just felt immense peace the way I do when I'm being still and being the Presence aka my True Self.

In the final session, again I just felt peaceful the same way that I feel when I'm being still.

I believe being the Presence or being in inner silence is the same as accessing Shinki. I see Shinki as a shortcut to experiencing Self-realisation. In other words, instead of spending years practising how to still the mind so you can access that God-power, Shinki can give you a direct experience of your true essence of being. Naturally, you have to continue to practise connecting to Shinki for it to have any impact on your daily experiences, just like I have to practise being in stillness to experience real living.

During my email exchanges with Don, he asked me if I've ever considered sharing the Presence/Shinki directly with others. I told him I currently share in writing my experiences of the Presence in my every day life. Although I have considered sharing direct experience of Being with others before, I'm very wary of pursuing it because I don't want to be treated as some "guru." It's important for me to lead a normal life.

I did ask my mother if she would consider being my guinea pig so I could practise sharing the Presence directly with her and she was very willing. You can read about that experience here.

Thank you very much, Don and Dragan, for the gift of Shinki.



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Friday, 13 January 2012

Same Time, Different Place

When my mother was given an appointment to see the hospital consultant, she was told she had to double-check with the consultant's secretary to confirm whether he would be in the hospital on that day as she needs to see the consultant only, not his assistants. When mum called the consultant's secretary, she was given another date when the consultant would actually be in the hospital.

After that we discovered that my older brother has an appointment to have a tooth extracted on the same date and time as my mother's appointment to see the consultant, though in different hospitals. Apparently, he was given an earlier date, which he cancelled. I told my brother as I can't be in two places at the same time, I'll be accompanying my mother to the hospital and will be with him in spirit.

Years ago, a friend in America invited me to stay with her for a few weeks. After I arranged the flight details, I told my mother I was going away on holidays. (My mother and I weren't living together at the time). It was then she told me she was also going on holidays to America around the same time. She went to Washington and I went to Baltimore. I didn't see her but we spoke on the phone a few times.

Amazing how things work out!


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That's What I Call Rapport!

So yesterday I was thinking about how some couples are in such rapport with one another that they usually wear matching outfits. Some even change their image to be in rapport with their partners. I was reminded of the film musical, Grease, set in a high school.

In the film, Sandy and Danny like each other but because they are in different social groups and peer pressure, they have problems developing their relationship. In the end their feelings are so strong, they decide to do something about it. Sandy asks her friends to help her change her image so she can get Danny. In the meantime, Danny also decides to adopt Sandy's image so he can appeal to Sandy.

In the final scene when they meet up, Danny is shocked to see Sandy has transformed herself and is looking drop dead gorgeous in her leather, tight-fitting, outfit and they get together.

Guess what I saw today in today's Daily Mail?

An article about John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, the actors who played Sandy and Danny in the movie, meeting at some event. And in the same article, they've posted a video of the scene where Sandy and Danny's outfits match and are singing "You're the One That I Want."

Now, that's what I call rapport!


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Video of Grease - You're the One that I Want

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Song of the Day - 2

"The Only Way is Up" by Yazz and the Plastic Population.


Funny Quote of the Day

"The only thing newspapers ever get right is the date but even then you have to check it just in case." ~~ by a friend I was chatting to.


Catting My Attention

During my bus journey, I noticed this advert at a bus stop.

There was a photo of a cat with huge, sad-looking, eyes with the slogan: "Give a mog a home!" (In the UK, "moggy" is slang for cat).

I've noticed lots of adverts with sad looking dogs with the slogan "Give a dog a home!"

As a pun lover, I think the advert is a pretty clever way to cat-ch cat lovers' attention and pull at their heartstrings!

I can't give a mog a home right now but I can send all my love to all moggies.


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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Under the Influence

As I was walking home, I saw a man walking a Jack Russell dog. The dog was very friendly and jumped on me.

"She likes girls!" the man said.

After stroking the dog's head she ran off ahead.

"She's a cute dog!" I said.

"She's my neighbour's dog," he said. "She doesn't like people who drink alcohol, she really goes for them."

Later, I noticed an item on the news about a group of MPs (Members of Parliaments) recommending people to abstain from alcohol two days a week.

I reckon my Jackie Russell friend influenced those MPs to make that recommendation.


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Arsing Around

Sometimes when I'm walking home, I stop off at a particular library to browse their magazines. There's an elderly woman who comes there who is completely off her rocker.

When I saw her and I wished her Happy New Year she said to me, "Will you do me a big favour?"

"What's that?" I said.

"Buy a lottery ticket and rub it on your arse and you'll be very lucky!"

"Thank you!"

I'm definitely going to get a lottery ticket but I don't know if I can be arsed though to rub it on my arse.

Wish me luck, everyone!


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NB: Slang glossary:
Arsing around = messing about
Off your rocker = crazy
Arse = buttocks.
Arsed = bothered

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Love's Allness

As I was walking home and pondering on Love's allness. I thought of a friend who lives thousands of miles away. Though there appears to be distance between us, the distance is Love. All time is Love. All of creation is Love. Where there is only Love, everything is always working out for the best.

I noticed this man looking into a camera on a tripod directed at some buildings. I asked him what was so fascinating about the buildings and if he was an architect. He said he took photos for architects. I asked him if he's ever been to the Open House London where people go and admire buildings. He said he's actually taken professional photographs of buildings in OH London. I could tell how much he loved his job. I told him it was lovely meeting me.

My photographer friend was Love in manifestation. Love, as my friend, was enjoying doing what he loves - taking photographs of buildings.

About an hour later, as I was crossing the road, I noticed a cyclist coming towards me at high speed. Although it looked like we were about to collide, I was very calm as I knew the collision wasn't going to happen. The cyclist screeched to a halt and apologised for the close shave. I told him there was no harm done.

Where there is only Love, all creations exist in perfect harmony. Therefore, it's impossible for a piece of Love pedestrian to collide with a piece of Love cyclist.

Love is all there is.
All is in perfect harmony.


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It's Never Too Late!

A few days ago, I had an email exchange with a friend about Near Death Experiences (NDEs). I said according to some of NDEs I've read, just because you've "died" doesn't mean it's the end of the world. You can always decide that there's still a lot of stuff you need to do in this form and return to your body. Some NDErs who have died from some disease have returned to their bodies and then healed their sick bodies. They've then shared insights they've received on the "other side."

Today, another friend emailed me a link to a video about a boy who had died and was resurrected 24 hours later. When he came back to life, he was completely cured of all previous ailments.

I forwrded the video link to the friend I'd been discussing NDEs with.

It's never too late to live the life you were meant to live!


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Song of the Day

"Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera.


Thought of the Day - 2

Laying my heart on my sleeve hurts; but not laying my heart on my sleeve hurts more.


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Karma or Mercy? You Decide!

While there appears to be many different belief systems, I believe there are only two main models of reality - Karma or Mercy.

With Karma, your experiences are based on you actions and consequences of your actions. All actions arise from beliefs. There are two kinds of Karma - personal and collective. Personal Karma is based on my actions. Therefore, if I do good to others, I receive good in return; and if I do evil to others, I receive the same. Sometimes, consequences of my actions can be instant and sometimes they might take some time to bear fruits. Collective Karma come from: family and ancestors, friends, gender, race, nation, culture, religion or even the collective human consciousness.

Mercy is the principle that not only clears ALL actions and consequences of those actions but gives you as an individual a clean slate. Therefore, with Mercy there is always infinite love in every moment at one's disposal to play with. To activate Mercy, all I have to do is call on Mercy to do the work of transmutation or transformation.

Mercy is usually referred to as "Grace" but that comes with religious connotations that I don't believe in. For instance, Christians believe Jesus brought Grace into the world, which isn't true. Since Grace is an attribute of the Creator, which has always existed, then Grace has always existed. The Bible has examples of people, who lived before Jesus, who were very much aware of Grace and demonstrated Grace in their lives. I believe what Jesus did was create a ministry that was focused on demonstrating Grace in action. So I am going to refer to the principle as Mercy.

When the kitchen sink was blocked recently, my mother suggested I buy a product she'd seen advertised on the television that's supposed to unblock sinks. Instead of unblocking the sink, it just made the water drain slowly. Then it got blocked again. We then borrowed a plunger from our neighbour but that didn't work either. I went into a hardware store and asked a member of staff to recommend a product. The product was so powerful, when I poured some of the fluid down the drain I could hear it bubbling away and dissolving the blockage. Soon the drain was clear. We had to cancel the plumber we'd arranged to come round.

For me, the blocked sink and drain represents Karma that judges you on your actions - personal or collective. If you put gunk in the sink, sooner or later you should expect to suffer the consequences of your actions with a blocked drain. The powerful product that dissolved the blockage represents Mercy. Mercy doesn't judge or ask why or how, Mercy just goes about unblocking the drain. Obviously, we are now very careful what we let through the drain as we don't want it blocked again. We always have the product to fall back on anyway to clear any blockages.

I believe it is the collective human Karma that has created the endless cycle of birth, sickness, aging, death and reincarnation. Mercy, which is all about Real Life that has no beginning or end and is infinite love, gets one off that birth/death cycle.

I believe each individual has to decide for themselves whether they are under the law of Karma or Mercy.

I am under the Law of Mercy.


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Monday, 9 January 2012

Stillness is Everywhere

While I was in the library, I started hearing the sound of drilling coming from the building next door. At first I ignored it and focused on what I was doing but the noise got so loud that it became all-consuming. Even when I put my headphones on and was listening to music, the noise appeared to drown the music I was listening to.

I could have swapped seats and sat somewhere else that was a lot quieter but I liked where I was sitting, as it's my favourite spot in the library.

When I stopped reacting to the noise and just let it be, I could feel the stillness in the noise and it no longer had any effect. It just sounded like background music that I can take or leave. I was then able to get on with my work in peace.

There's stillness everywhere even where there appears to be "chaos."


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