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Monday, 30 April 2012

Let Bygones Be Bygones! - Part 2

In a previous piece called Let Bygones Be Bygones!, I wrote about a documentary I had watched where they discussed one particular athlete who had been banned for life  for "cheating."  A few of his peers didn't want him taking part in this year's Olympics. My view was, since no one is perfect, the athlete should be given a second chance.

In fact, I believe in many second chances.

I hear the ban has now been lifted and he will be allowed to run.  See Dwain Chambers is Cleared to Run in the Olympics.



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Reminder to Self - All in Me

All that I am experiencing are projections of mind.  In other words, nothing is outside of me, everything is occurring inside of me. 

How can everything be inside of me?

When you know your identity as the cosmos, then everything is inside of you including my human body, the computer, the building, the city, the country, the earth and the universe.

Put another way, I am the one thinking/dreaming the universe into being..  Therefore, if I want to have a different experience I have to remember that I am the Dreamer.  Then I dream things how I prefer them to be.

I choose to dream dreams of infinite joy and wonder.

There is no out there; there is only the all in me.


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The Power of Individuals

"Some look at my face and say you're quite absurd. And I say why, 'cos I'm not down with the herd?"  ~~ "Sheep" by Us3
While I was walking by the canal, I saw a dead swan lying on the side of the towpath. Even though I was curious about what had happened, I didn't feel sad about the dead swan. I would imagine that the only people who would really miss the swan would be the keeper(s) who look after animals in the river and probably know that swan's personality and identity number.

The problem with being part of a collective is you are just one of many.  Reminds me of the Borg species, in the sci-fi series, Star Trek, who are part biological and part artificial.  The Borg work as one collective mind.  Their aim is perfection of the species which they try to achieve by assimilating other species and adding other alien technology to their own.  Once you're assimilated into the Borg consciousness, you lose your individuality.  If one of the Borg develops a malfunction, they are either switched off or abandoned.  The human species do all they can to avoid the Borg as they don't want to lose their individuality.

I believe the Borg represents the collective consciousness that is ruled by a minority that speaks and acts on behalf of the collective.  The collective follow like sheep without question.   One reason why I believe the practice of self-realisation is so important is that you become aware that you are a cosmic being with your own unique, individual and eternal personality.   When you know who you are, you never allow yourself to be treated like everyone else that gets lost in the crowd.  Nor do you blindly follow the herd. You are your own Cosmic Person and you do matter.

Back to my feathered friends.  Years ago, while I was taking a walk by a river and watching these birds swimming around, I was drawn to one particular goose who had broken away from the flock. I was aware that the goose was watching me. I had the distinct impression that goose was self-aware.

I believe in the power of individuals who are self-aware.


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Quote of the Day - 9

"All the labor of man is for his mouth, and yet the soul is not satisfied." ~~ Ecclesiastes 6: 7, NKJV

Saturday, 28 April 2012

This is My Day!

One thing I like to say to myself each day is: This is my day!  Everything's going my way!

I find that affirmation ensures the day goes my way or I can see the good in every situation.

Just because I believe everything is going my way doesn't mean people are always going to agree with my way.  It's really about me sticking to my guns and being me at all times. 

Another way to look at it is to love at all times. If an experience appears not to my satisfaction, then I either find something about it to love or I bless it with love.

I had a "heated" email exchange with a friend earlier but we found a common ground.  I guess our love for each other won in the end. :-)

The Truth of the matter is that it is Love that ensures my day goes swimmingly at all times.

This is a day of Love. Everything's going my way!


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Love This!

This video made me smile.


The Power of a Miaow

During my walk, I saw a cat sitting on a ledge miaowing rather loudly.  A man in front of me walked on without stopping. Being a sucker for cats, I stopped to say hello. Besides, I know this cat; I've played with him many times before. 

While I was stroking him, he continued to miaow.  Other people walked by but none of them stopped. I guess they were not into cats as I am.

Then I said goodbye to my friend.

For me, the cat's miaow is a reminder to just be yourself.  Sooner or later, someone who appreciates you just the way you are will come to you, effortlessly.


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The Magic of Strangers

If I were to listen to the rules of the world about how one should act with others and in relationships, I would never speak to "strangers."

A lot of the stories I share are inspired from my wonderful encounters with strangers.  There have been the odd occasions when men have read into my friendship and wanted more. When you go beyond the male/female thing, there is only a pure love with no agenda. 

I find that I only have to break the ice once and that ice is broken for all time. In other words, the moment I say hi to a "stranger" they remember me and always say hello when they see me.  It makes London a very friendly city.

Without strangers, Magic would be few and far between.


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Friday, 27 April 2012

Ca Va, Bien!

When I saw this man walking towards me, I said hello and his response was, "Ca va?"

Oui, ca va bien!

I love multicultural Britain!


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Let Me In, Love!

"I believe life is a game consisting of two teams. One team is doing all it can to keep us living in fear of our surroundings and people around us by constantly coming up with strategies and rules to keep us in more fear and bondage....While one team is busy distracting us with fear strategies, the other team is actively setting us free and uniting us with our good." ~~ Why Love Always Wins
As humans, we make up lots of rules about how things should or shouldn't happen.  I find the easiest way to bypass those rules is to ask Love who knows nothing of rules. 

When I noticed my bus was already at the stop and was about to move, I knocked on the doors but the driver ignored me.   When I banged harder on the doors,  he opened the doors.

"You're not meant to distract the driver!" he said.

That was my cue to get on board.

Thank you, Love! ;-)


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Thank You!

I had to use the public toilet facilities at this park I usually walk through.  They were so clean and pristine. 

I give thanks to all who maintain those toilets.


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The Cat Burglar

The cat burglar that is literally a cat.

Cat burglar hits a Calif. neighborhood 600 times in 3 years

I've  heard about cats who bring stuff to show their affection for their loved ones but this one is just showing off!  :-)


Rainbows Can Appear without Rain

As I was walking to the bus stop, it started to drizzle.  I thought to myself that as much as I appreciate rain and its many uses, I still don't like it.  I prefer dry weather,  radiant blue sky with lovely fluffy clouds.  It then stopped drizzling.  The clouds parted and the sun came out.

It was then a thought occurred to me that if there was no rain, there would be no rainbows and I love rainbows. 

I can still see rainbows after the rain, as long as I'm not walking in the rain.

At the bus stop, there was a huge traffic jam.  I noticed a lorry standing right in front of the bus stop had the name "Rainbow."

Aha!  Just proves my point that rainbows can still appear without rain.


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Oldie But Goodie

Cat drinking water from the tap.


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Out of the Mouth of Babes

During my bus journey, a woman and her young daughter (aged 2 or 3 years old) got on and sat near me. On the way, the girl kept pointing at various things and asking her mother what they were for.

At one point, the girl said she would like to go to a circus. Her mum said there wasn't one close by. When the bus got to a part of the City where the Occupy London protesters have set up camp, the girl pointed and said, "There's a circus, mummy!"

"They won't like you calling it a circus!" I laughed.

Come to think of it, you could call it a circus!

What an astute little girl! ;-)


Thursday, 26 April 2012

More about Affirmations

I believe in the power of affirmations which come to life when I affirm them. 

I have observed if I don't make up my own affirmations or choose ones that resonate with me,  someone else is going to make them up or choose for me. I'm not talking about affirmations that people who care about you affirm on your behalf for your happiness and well being; I'm referring to affirmations that are constantly being spewed out by advertisers, politicians, journalists, religious leaders, writers, teachers, etc, which are about programming. If you are not alert you end up living out their affirmations for you.

So instead of having someone programme me with their affirmations, I choose to live by my own affirmations.

I am the Captain of my Ship.


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Thought of the Day - 5

Resistance is futile!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Who Said Cats Don't Like Water?

This one does.

And his name is Merlin.



Relax and the World Relaxes with You

While I was on the computer, I started feeling intense period pain.  Fortunately, I was at home so I went to lie down. Although I was feeling tense,  I told myself I was feeling relaxed and my body relaxed. Within a few minutes I was back on the computer.

After I shared my experience with my mother she said her biggest problem is she's always stiff and can't relax.  She said once at the hospital when they were about to give her injection and she was very tense they told her they wouldn't do anything until she relaxed.

"How can you relax when you're in pain?"  she said.

I told mum that our thoughts and feelings affect our bodies and environment.  I find when an experience is occurring that is not to my liking and I resist it or I'm afraid of it, I feel tense and the situation or condition gets or feels worse.  When I relax, the situation/condition also relaxes and either passes without incident or it becomes formless and ceases to exist.

"How can you make yourself relax when you're not feeling relaxed?" she said.

I said while I can initiate relaxation by telling myself I am feeling relaxed, I can't make relaxation happen.  Relaxation happens naturally of its own accord in rather the same way my hair grows naturally without interference.  I have to let go and trust in the relaxation process.

When I am feeling relaxed, the world relaxes with me.


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Trust in Love to Sort Out the Details - Revisited

One of my mother's relative and close friend passed away recently. As my mother wasn't able to attend the funeral, the woman's two children (son and step daughter) came to visit her yesterday to show her the photos and talk about the event.  It was the first time I'd met either of them.

This particular son was very close to his mother. He was her carer for many years until she had to  go into a residential home where the professionals took over. So he was the one who arranged the funeral and the reception.

He said after his mother died, he was worried about how much it was all going to cost as he was expecting a lot of people to turn up.  (Two hundred people turned up at the funeral). When he asked his other brother, who is a lot more financially well off, to contribute to the reception he refused as he thought the venue was too expensive.

Then amazing things started to happen.

He started receiving money through the post by well-wishers. Every time there was a particular need, he received the right amount of money to cover it.  He said everything has been paid for. Those who attended the funeral and reception have been phoning him to thank him for the way he'd organised everything so perfectly.

The man said he had a feeling his mother had played a huge part in ensuring that everything went swimmingly.

The strange thing was as he was talking I started seeing mist in the room.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I dismissed it. Then it happened again and I could see this thick mist swirling in the room.  Although only I could see it, I had a feeling I was sensing the woman's presence. I told everyone what I was sensing and they said they had a feeling their mother was with us.

I have seen that "mist" before on a few occasions.  See The Mist.

I thought the story of the funeral was a wonderful demonstration of the power of Spirit/Love to sort out the details.


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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Affirmation of the Day - 3

"There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything which belongs to me. It will be restored or I will receive its equivalent." ~~ Florence Scovel Shinn

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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Look of Love - Revisited

"I behold you with the eyes of love and I glory in your perfection." ~~  The Prospering Power of Love
Years ago, I was waiting for a friend to arrive by train at this station. At the time, I was so cold my bones started to rattle. I then prayed for warmth.  The next thing I knew, this woman and her daughter walked by.  The girl stared right into my eyes; she even turned back to look at me.  Right at that moment I stopped shivering and felt a lot warmer.

I believe what that girl had done was she was able to see me with love and see me as I really am i.e. that which is always perfect.

With all the doom and gloom and fear mongering going on in the world,  I believe we need people who are able to see with the eyes of love to our perfection. 

One look from someone who can see with the eyes of love and you feel better.

One look from someone who can see with the eyes of love and all your problems melt away.

One look from someone who can see with the eyes of love and you feel uplifted.

One look from someone who can see with the eyes of love and you feel at peace.

One look from someone who can see with the eyes of love and your life is transformed for all time.

All my love and gratitude to all those who see people as they really are.


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Affirmation of the Day - 2

"I behold you with the eyes of love and I glory in your perfection." ~~  The Prospering Power of  Love by Catherine Ponder, p. 37

Wow! - 2

Sculptor makes lifesize statue of St George from cardboard boxes.

Now that's what I call thinking outside of the box!


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"Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bullshit before."  ~~ Tommy Cooper
Just love that guy!


Love Melts Disharmony

A few days ago, I wrote about how after I had a fall out with my mother, I turned the matter over to Love to smooth things out between us.  I used the following affirmation: "Love melts situations that seem impossible."  (From The Prospering Power of  Love)

For the first two days there was still an atmosphere but I just kept trusting in the power of Love to melt the atmosphere and dissolve the disharmony between us.

How does the affirmation work?

I like to think of all kinds of disharmony as ice and Love as hot water. Once I release the affirmation, the power of Love (hot water) then starts melting the disharmony (ice) naturally. I know the ice has melted when I'm no longer feeling angry about or feeling uncomfortable around the person I had the grievance with.

I also find once Love has done Its work, I have no desire to discuss the earlier incident.  All I want to do is share my joy with the other person.

(I once used that same affirmation when I was experiencing symptoms of a migraine. Love dissolve it and there was no headache.  (See How Love Dissolved Migraine).

Although the ice has now melted between us, I continue to trust in Love to work Its magic in our relationship and in all aspects of my life.

Love melts disharmony.


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Photo source

That WOW Feeling is Catching On!

In an earlier piece I wrote that after I had a thought that every day is a WOW day I had WOW experiences.

On the bus I noticed this man reading "The Sun" newspaper and the news headlines caught my attention:  Wow, That Feels Good.  I've now looked up the story which is about footballer Fabrice Muamba's miraculous healing after he recently collapsed at a football match with cardiac arrest.  At the match was a cardiologist who helped to resuscitate him. (See How Amazing is That!)  Fabrice is making a full recovery. 

We love you, Fabrice!

It's good to see that WOW feeling is catching on.

When I think, feel or expect WOW I experience WOW!

I look forward to lots of WOW experiences and being WOWED!


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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Your System is Clean

After the Virus scanner Utilities software had scanned the computer system,  a notice came up that said: "Your system is currently clean."

It got me thinking that I have an inbuilt Utilities software inside of me that has been designed to automatically cleanse my body system.  The trick is to let the Utilities do Its job of cleansing.

It hasn't been easy letting my natural Utilities software do its job because for many years I was conditioned to do something or take something to help clear my system.  It's taken me a long time -  13 years and counting - to let go of that habit and learning to trust in my Inbuilt Utilities software.

Thank you, Utilities, for keeping my System clean at all times.


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Zed or Zee?

Why is it that in the UK we call the last letter of the alphabet "Zed" while our friends across the pond (Americans) refer to it as "Zee"?

Who cares?

At least, this question gives me an opportunity to write a post with a title that starts with the letter Z.

Zee you later! :-)


Mother Knows Best

After I bought some new tampons, I had an idea to put a few in my bag but I thought to myself that it was too early for my period.

A few hours later, I felt something signifying the start of my period, which had arrived 5 days early. Fortunately, I was wearing a panty liner so I was covered.

Mother Nature always knows best!


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Saturday, 21 April 2012


As it was raining, I didn't feel like walking via the canal.  I figured I would walk the direct route, which is a lot quicker.

On my way home, I started daydreaming about a woman I see in my walks who I haven't seen in a few weeks. In my day dream I was telling her that the reason she hasn't seen me for  a while is because I've been walking via the canal but today I decided not to.

When I got to the point where I usually see this friend, she wasn't there. I figured I may have missed her.

A few minutes later, as I was walking through the local estate, I saw her coming out of one of the buildings.  Although she was speaking on her mobile, she stopped to say hello and ask me how I was. I then told her what I'd been daydreaming earlier.  Before we left, she told me I was looking really well.

It was good to see my friend in person again.


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How is it possible that I have written so many articles but haven't come up with one title that starts with "R"?

I can understand it might be tricky to come up with titles starting with "X" but "R" is such a popular letter.  Why have I not been inspired to Rite one?  Ha!

Time to just make one up.

ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing).

I wish for lots of ROFL moments and articles that start with "R."


Just Leave It Alone!

A few days ago when I noticed a fat pimple on my face, I was so tempted to squeeze it but I decided to leave it alone.  I figured it will go away of its own accord and I gave it no further thought.

Today, I noticed the pimple has gone.

A few months ago, I started feeling pain in one knee,  which made it painful to walk down steps, particular steps on the buses.  At first, I used affirmations but when that didn't shift it I decided to just do nothing and leave it alone.  The pain has now gone.

I've actually done the same with mouth ulcers that have flared up. As I don't use pills or potions I tend to leave them alone and they end up dissolving of their own accord anyway.

I'm going to do the same with other aches and pains in my body.  I'm just going to just leave them alone and do nothing.

I believe when I treat what appears to be a something like it is nothing, it becomes a nothing/no thing.

There's power in doing nothing.


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Love is the Only Time There Is

After I finished shopping, I used the freephone in the supermarket to call the minicab. The cab controller told me I'd have to wait half an hour for one.  I told him I didn't mind waiting. I thought I would while away the time by reading the newspaper I usually get for my mother but I didn't find the stories interesting.

Then I thought to myself that since Love is all there is, there is no time but Love. I'm not waiting for anything I'm simply enjoying Love's many expressions.

I remembered I had a book in my bag called The Prospering Power of Love by Catherine Ponder.  I read it years ago but I recently picked it up again to re-read certain chapters.  I took the book out to read.

Just at that moment a woman arrived with her shopping trolley. She asked if she could sit beside me on the bench and I moved over to accommodate her.  She said she'd just called a cab and they told her one would be arriving shortly. I told her they'd told me I had to wait for 30 minutes. I presumed mine would arrive before hers. 

When I noticed my friend had several bottles of spring water I asked her if she likes bottled water. She said she takes tablets which she prefers to drink with cold water.  I asked her how long those would last her for and she said two weeks.  She asked me what I was reading and I showed her the book.

"Most people don't realise how powerful that emotion is for all areas of our lives," she said.  "You have to have faith in it."

"I agree," I said. "Love can work so many wonders in all aspects of our lives if we just become aware of it."

Our conversation was soon interrupted by a car pulling up.  The name the driver called out was my friend's name.  I told the driver I had ordered a cab before her and mine hadn't arrived.  I asked him to call their office and enquire why mine hadn't arrived. After the driver had put my friend's shopping in the car boot, he suggested that if I didn't mind I could share the cab. He would drop my friend off first.  My friend didn't mind at all and neither did I.

It actually was a very easy journey for the driver as the direction he went meant he avoided the traffic.  After dropping my friend off, he went down another road that didn't have much traffic. There were lots of police cars parked on the side of the road and part of it cordoned off signifying some earlier incident. Maybe that's why my cab had got "lost.".   

As I see it, the power of Love was working for everyone's good: I got to meet a lovely lady who understood the power of love and I didn't have to wait for another cab; and the driver not only had an easy journey, he got to earn himself double fare. 

Love is the only time there is.


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Friday, 20 April 2012

Creating All Things New - Revisited

I finally had the opportunity to attend the alternative fashion show that a friend had recommended earlier this week.  I invited a friend but she couldn't make it so I went on my own.

By the time I arrived, the seats were taken.  I stood with the professional and amateur photographers where I got a nice view of the models prancing around on the catwalk.  There was a woman next to me taking photos who was really enjoying herself. She said she's not in the fashion industry and just curious about fashion.  Every now and then we exchanged views about the outfits the models had on and she was fun to chat to.

After standing for a while I started feeling pins and needles running down my back.  By the time the show finished, about an hour later, I was in agony.  I didn't even wait for the models to take their final bow or to get my free ice cream.  Besides, I felt it was a bit chilly for ice cream anyway.

Other than that, it was a good show and they had some interesting outfits I wouldn't mind wearing.

As I was walking back I started feeling a lot better.

It got me thinking that I am not designed to stay in one position for long.  My energy configuration needs to be in constant motion.  Even if I'm doing the same old stuff or living in the same old situation, it's important for me to be able to express the old from a new perspective each time, otherwise stagnation and discomfort sets in.  I find the same applies to my personal relationships too. 

Every day is a new opportunity to create or experience something new.  


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What's in a Name?

Yesterday evening as I was walking through our local park, an old friend popped in my head and I wondered how she was. The last I heard she was living in France.  I wished her well.

This morning, as I was taking a walk through the same park, I saw a friend who usually does her power walking through the park . Although we've now got into the habit of stopping and saying hello and we've even held hands, I still didn't know her name. 

So today after exchanging warm hugs with her, I asked her what her name was and she told me. She said the way to remember her name (which is Jewish) is to think of a particular insurance company with the same name. I told her I have a friend whose sister has the same name as hers so I'm not likely to forget.

And the friend is the same friend living in France who I thought of yesterday evening.

I wonder if this is my friend's way of acknowledging that she'd "received" me loud and clear?


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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Why It's Good to Chill Out!

When the bus arrived at the stop, a woman with her push chair was about to go on but hesitated when she noticed another woman with a push chair. They only normally allow two push chairs in at a time and the bus was already crowded.  The first woman indicated to the second one to go ahead and she stayed behind. Seconds later, another empty bus pulled up and the woman and her child got on.

As I see it, the first woman was demonstrating what happens when you're relaxed - you're not caught up in that  "dog eat dog" mentality. You know there's more than enough to go round. 

That's why it's good to chill out.

Everything always works out for the best!


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He Loves People!

Every day I experiences new ways to receive love. Most of the time, love comes from the cats and dogs I meet along the way as I find they tend to be more open to love than humans.  Here's another example.

While I was walking through the park, I saw a man and his family walking their dog, an Old English Sheepdog, which is the same dog breed they use in the "Dulux" paint adverts.

As I was dying to stroke the dog I walked beside them and said to the man, "Is that a Dulux dog?"

"Yes, it is," he smiled.

The dog ran over to me and I stroked his hair. He was so gorgeous!   I pulled back as soon as I sensed he was about to jump on me. The man had had the same idea and pulled the dog away.

"He was going to jump on you," he said.

"Yes, I could sense that!"

"He loves people!" he said.

As much as I love dogs, the reason why I didn't want my friend to jump over me was because he had muddy paws.  I think mud is good on grass but I'm not too keen on mud on my clothes.

Still, I felt my friend's love and I'm sure he felt mine.


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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


When I noticed a woman carrying a bag with the word "Hello" I thought I'd have some fun with her.

"Hello!" I said.

"What?" she looked at me in a blank way.

"Your bag!" I pointed at the bag.

"Oh yeah!" she giggled.

A few minutes later, I stopped off at the local library for my weekly guilty pleasure to browse through their Hello Magazine..



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It's the Way He Tells 'em!

So I said to the taxi driver, 'King Arthur's Close'. He said,
'Don't worry, we'll lose him at the next set of lights'

A man walks into a greengrocer's and says, I want five pounds of potatoes please.
And the greengrocer says, we only sell kilos.
So the man says, all right then, I'll have five pounds of kilos.

I had a meal last night,
I ordered everything in French,
surprised everybody,
It was a Chinese restaurant.

And he said 'My dog doesn't eat meat'.
I said 'Why not?'.
He said 'We don't give him any'
I went to Blackpool on holiday and knocked at the first boarding house that I came to.
A women stuck her head out of an upstairs window and said 'What do you want?'.
'I'd like to stay here'
'Ok. Stay there'.  
I was reading this book today, The History Of Glue. I couldn't put it down.

I phoned the local ramblers club today, but the bloke who answered just went on and on.
~~ Jokes by  Tommy Cooper
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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." ~~ Charles Dickens
I have to confess that the worst times I've had in my life so far have been living with my mother. Paradoxically, the best times I've had in my life so far have been living with my mother. My mother has helped me realise that all that I seek is within me and to always be true to myself.   I've also learned to be the parent to myself that I always wanted.

Last night my mother and I had a fall out.  Just as well I'd just finished working on an article called You Can't Hurt Joy! because the article title was a great reminder for me to stay in my bliss no matter what. I even found the drama rather amusing.  While she was going off on one, the doorbell rang. It was a man from a local church asking if we were interested in attending their meeting. I told him I wasn't interested in his church.

Now that is funny!  I'm having a blazing row with my mother and someone calls round inviting us to go to church!  Is God having a laugh or what?

Right now, as I'm writing this, I'm in the dog house.  Who knows how long for?

I'm just going to deal with the situation the way I deal with drama - turn it over to Love and let Love smooth things out, while staying in my peace.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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It's Good to Keep an Open Mind

There are things and experiences I love and there are things and experiences I don't like.  I do find it useful to keep an open mind to the things I don't like as you never know what lovely gems I might discover later.

I don't like avocado but I don't mind it so much when it's prepared as Guacamole.

When I lived in Africa, I used to hate water melons as it made me queasy. Years later, when I was in Australia and had their water melons, I loved it.

At school, I wasn't keen on English literature especially when we had to study books by English writers writing about experiences that meant nothing to me. I couldn't stand Shakespeare!  Now I appreciate him and even quote him from time to time.  I wouldn't go out of my way to study his works though.

Another writer I felt torturous was Thomas Hardy. We studied his book "The Mayor Casterbridge" and I thought it was the dullest book in the universe.  When I was a lot older, I saw a film called Jude based on his book "Jude, the Obscure", which I haven't read.  Although I found the movie dark, I actually did enjoy watching it.  I was so grateful we didn't have to read that book at school.

So while I was in the library I noticed they were doing a talk on Thomas Hardy. Although a part of me cringed at the idea,  I was curious to hear what the speakers had to say.  The presentation was about Hardy's early years when he moved to London for several years to pursue a career in architecture and the challenges he faced.  I found both speakers' enthusiasm about Hardy so infectious, I warmed to Hardy. At the end of the talk, I thanked both speakers for changing my opinion about Hardy. At least I know he was just an ordinary man who was doing the best he can like the rest of us.  I doubt if I'd be rushing to the bookshop any time soon to buy Hardy's novels but then again you never know.

It's good to keep an open mind.


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How Lovely!

I saw this man at the park walking his dog.  He smiled and said hello and I said hello.  His dog approached me and licked my hands. The man assured me his dog was friendly. I told him it was OK as I love all dogs.  After patting the dog's head, I asked the man what breed it was. He said it was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.

My friend said when they first found the dog she had been abandoned and was in a very poor state physically and emotionally. He managed to track her owners down but they didn't want her back. He and his son decided to foster her for about 6 months but after that they fell in love with the dog and couldn't let her go nor did she want to leave either.  He said over the years she's grown more confident and can even approach people without being nervous.

I told my friend the dog probably found him as she knew she would be loved and accepted at his place.  I wished them lots of happiness.

I love stories like that!


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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

For God's Sake!

When I go on my long walks sometimes, I meditate; sometimes, I ponder on ideas; sometimes, I review experiences and realisations I've had that day; and sometimes, i try to come up with solutions to whatever I'm working on.  I also have dialogues with my Inner Voice, which is none other than Me teaching myself.

During my walk today, my Inner Voice and I were discussing the idea: thoughts are things.  In other words, when I have a thought the thought is very real. I should, therefore, expect the thought to be mirrored back at me in one form or another.

On the way home I stopped off at a supermarket to pick up a few items. As I don't go there often, I am not familiar with the layout.  The last item on my list was a packet of Couscous.  After walking down the aisle where I expected to find it and couldn't find one, I thought to myself:   "For God's sake, where are you?"  My head turned round and I found one last packet in the box.

And the brand of the Couscous is called: "For Goodness Sake."  Haha!

The thought is the thing itself.


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FA Cup Final

I had a vivid dream last night about the FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea and seeing the results.

I'm not going to reveal who won.

It will be interesting to see whether my dream comes true!


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Joke of the Day

I went to the doctor the other day, I said 'it hurts when I do that'.
He said ' well don't do it.' ~~ Tommy Cooper
Tommy Cooper was a genius!  :-)


You Can't Hurt Joy!

As I was walking home I saw a man getting out of his car with a cute Old English Sheepdog.  As soon as the dog saw me her tail started wagging and she pounced on my leg   She was so adorable!.  The man told me she was 8 months old.

A few yards down, another man came out of his house with a Jack Russell dog.  He warned the man with the Sheepdog to be careful as his dog can be snappy.  The Jack Russell, which was about half the size of the Sheepdog, sniffed the other dog and all she kept doing was wagging her tail.

I didn't believe the Jack Russell could attack such a friendly dog anyway.  After the Jack Russell had had a thorough sniff the man pulled his Sheepdog away.

"Your dog is so playful" I said to the man.  "I bet you in her world, life is a playground."

I then wished both of them goodbye.

In the presence of inexhaustible joy, you can't help but be joyful.


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Wowing Works Both Ways

As I was leaving the library, I met this woman who had just attended a seminar.  While we were chatting, the subject of hair came up. I told her I've had my hair short for 20 years and she said "Wow!"  She said she's always wanted to have hers short but she didn't do it as she didn't think her parents would approve. She's stopped putting chemicals and extensions in her hair and is  letting her hair grow naturally.

My friend asked me which way I was going. I told her I was walking home and it takes 1 hour 45 minutes.  Again, she said "Wow!"  She was really impressed I was walking so far and not taking any breaks.  She said her son who is in boarding school went on a 2 hour walk recently and they didn't stop for breaks either. Apparently, they were helping the boys to build their stamina.

She was also curious about which direction I was taking and walked for a few minutes with me.  As we were walking, she kept saying "Wow!"  She said the directions she'd been given for the area had seemed very complicated but now she could see how easy it is.  She said even though she's lived in London for many years, she's never explored that area of the City before and would like to do more of it.

I told her about an event they have every year called Open House London where you could explore buildings that are usually closed to the public. I said it's a fun way I find to get to know London.  She said "Wow!"

She even asked for my number.

It was fun wowing my friend; I could have wowed her all day. :-)

I love wowing and being wowed!


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Monday, 16 April 2012

Been Wowed Again!


A friend who is always on the lookout for free events has just brought to my attention an alternative fashion show which he attended earlier.  Although he wasn't into it, he thought it would be right up my alley and gave me the information.

A friend and I actually attended one of their shows a while back.

My friend also said they were giving out free ice cream.


I might just check it out tomorrow at lunch time as I'm going to be around the vicinity anyway.

I look forward to a lot more WOWS and WOWING!


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Talk About Being Wowed!

After posting a thought on my blog: "Every day is a Wow Day!" within an hour, I received an email from a friend about an artist who creates crop circles with snow.

The photos made me think and feel Wow!

Here's a article about the artist. Crop circles, Alpine style: Artist creates incredible impression with his giant patterns in the snow

Wows, Wows and infinite Wows!


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On Being a Superhero - Revisited

In this reality we collectively call Earth, we have to contend with different beliefs and realities that can sometimes make life challenging.

I believe these conflicting ideas and beliefs are not just there to piss us off but to remind us to look to the infinite power within for answers.  With my power within, I can transmute the hard and challenging issues to soft and easy. In other words, I can transmute what appears to be all Earth to all Heart.

Remember, Superman, the comic hero (who went on to achieve movie stardom), was never a superhero in Krypton, where he came from. It was only when he came to Earth that he used his superpowers to fight villains and protect humanity.

We are all superheroes! 


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Thought of the Day - 4

Every day is a Wow Day!


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Walking Companion - 2

As I was walking down this particular street, I saw my cat friend.  After I had petted him, he accompanied me to the end of the road.

A man walking behind us, who had been observing us, asked me if I knew the cat. I said the cat is a friend I see while I'm passing through. I said I live three miles away.

I told him I have cat friends everywhere who tend to accompany me when I walk through their neighbourhood.  I said I had another cat friend whose miaow sounds like "hello!" and it's hilarious listening to him.

The man thought it was lovely that I had cat friends everywhere.

Walking companions are everywhere.


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Walking Companion

As I was walking to the bus stop, I saw this man I usually see in the park walking his two dog. He was waiting at one bus stop. He asked me if I was catching the bus from there. I said I was walking down to the main road to catch my bus. He said instead of waiting for his bus he might as well walk with me and catch his bus from the main road, though we would be travelling in opposite directions.

As we walked, my friend told me he was on his way to a butchers to get meat for a barbecue he's having with his wife tomorrow. He said he prefers to get his meat from there as  meats in supermarkets don't taste nice. I told him my mother used to shop at that butchers years ago. I said with all the changes, it's one of the few shops that has remained in business.

It' was good to have my friend's company if only for a short while.

The world is full of walking companions. Sometimes they appear as humans but most of the time, they appear as cats. I'm not fussed how my walking companions appear. As long as they're fun to be with, that's all that matters.


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Friday, 13 April 2012

Take It or Leave It!

A while back when my mother was feeling frustrated by the hospital system and how slow they were I said the health service is the way it is.  I said she had two choices: she can either take it (accept how things are) and be at peace with that model; or leave it (opt out of the medical model) and find another way.

I have experienced the medical model. In fact, I've even had three operations on the health system which I'm very grateful for. When I made the decision to opt out, I opened myself up to a whole new reality, which is foreign to a lot of people.

Here's one example of what I mean by "foreign."

While I was in the library, there was a man fitting an electronic presentation system.  Before the engineer left, he said to the library manager to be sure to give him a call if there were any problems. 

Perfection is foreign to the mass consciousnesses of humanity.  When you have something installed; you expect there are going to be problems or for the thing to break down.  Perfect technology that never breaks down or lasts forever will result in mass employment.  So they keep creating technology with either a very short life span or with problems built in to be solved.

Reminds me of a conversation I had the other day with a friend about charity organisations. He cited one charity that is always asking for money for clean water for Africans.  Why is it they never have a permanent solution? Again, if people had permanent access to clean water, the charity organisation would go out of business.  Charity workers need to survive too. That's why their adverts are filled with images of starving children.  Focus on problems and you end up creating more problems and more jobs.

As I see it, the system is the way it is because people's livelihood depend on it.  It's up to each individual to decide whether they can take it or leave it. 

I have found leaving a model of reality that majority of people believe in to be a very lonely path to walk, but  I've gone too far to turn back now. 


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Knit and Purl

On the bus I sat in front of this woman who was busy knitting.  I asked her what she was knitting and she said a cardigan for her daughter.  She said her daughter has this cardigan that she loves but is now falling apart.  She offered to knit her a similar one.  She even showed me the photograph of the cardigan, which looked very similar to a cardigan I have that I'm also very much attached to.

I told my friend that as a child I was taught to knit but I found it boring as it took too long. I preferred crochet which is a lot faster. I said I used to crochet hats and doilies.  She said she used to crochet the same.  I said as I haven't crocheted since I was a child I don't know if I can still do it. She assured me that if I ever decide to crochet again I will remember how to do it.

I asked my friend how she knits button holes in cardigans.  She explained but I didn't get it so she demonstrated how on the cardigan she was knitting and it made so much sense.

Before she got off I wished her well and hoped her daughter loved her cardigan.

Maybe one day I'll take up crocheting again.


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Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Twist in the Tale

Two days ago I noticed a news headline Please sir, can I have some raw, which I recognised as a play on words based on the novel, Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens where Oliver asks: "Please sir, I want some more!"

The next day when I was in this particular library I noticed they were having a talk.  I was curious to see what the talk was about and stayed to listen.  It was about Charles Dickens and the speaker actually cited Oliver Twist and the same quote.

Now that's what I call a twist in the tale.

Please Sir/Universe, I want some more of these wonderful experiences!


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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Clever Doggie!

Dog Strangled by Phone Cord Saves His Own Life by Dialing Emergency Number

Wonderful things are happening! 


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Music "Gives Me the Feeling of Love!"

Old Man in Nursing Home Reacts to Hearing Music From His Era.


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The Power of a Smile

While I was queueing up at a checkout, I noticed a man ahead of me.  I said hello and smiled and he smiled back. 

When the cashier asked who was next he said I should go before him as I was more beautiful.

That's the power of a smile, it can make one jump queues.  Just as well I have infinite smiles in me then. :-D


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The Enocia Show - Revisited

In the movie, The Truman Show, Truman is living in a TV show but he doesn't know it.  The producer of the show has arranged for actors to act out his life and fulfil his desires while ensuring that the show is a hit with audience and advertisers alike.  Truman does "wake up" one day and realises his life is not what he thought it was and he decides to leave the show. 

I believe I'm starring in my own TV show. Unlinke Truman who wasn't in control of his show, it is my infinite joy that is the director and producer of my show.  In other words, my life experiences are being directed by what I love and what gives me joy. Here are some examples.

Ever since they started operating the new Routemaster buses, I've been dying to see one. Even though I've been walking home along the bus route that operates these new Routemasters, I've only being seeing the old buses.  I figured it must be because the company only has a few of them at the moment and probably only operate those in central London.

This morning, while I was travelling on the bus earlier than usual, I saw a new Routemaser that was out of service.  If the Routemaster was in service it wouldn't have been travelling on the bus route I was travelling on as that bus usually travels a different route.  My Joy director had arranged this scene perfectly.

While travelling around, I usually look out for pink cars which I love.  Almost every day at least one pink car is brought to my attention. Yesterday, a pink taxi drove right by me.  During my bus journey this morning, I noticed a pink car usually parked down a particular street moving off just as my bus was driving past.  It's as if the driver knew I was coming! Yeah right, more like the director shouted "Action!" as soon as my bus was approaching.

I am living in my own show and I love it!

All my love and gratitude to Joy for directing and producing my show so elegantly..


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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

There's a Lot More Inside of Me

One of the things I like doing is keeping interesting quotes I come across in a draft format in my email. 

After adding another set of quotes to the list, I discarded (deleted) a draft email only to realise too late that I had accidentally discarded the draft with all my quotes. As my email provider does not currently have a facility where you can retrieve discarded drafts, I had lost them for good.

Then I remembered the scene from the film,  Mary Poppins. After Bert's floor paintings were ruined by the rain, Bert said: "Well, there's more where they came from."

I may have lost my collection of quotes, but I KNOW there are a lot more where they came from.

In fact, not only have I got infinite quotes inside of me, I have infinite abundance, energy, freedom, happiness, inspiration, joy, laughter, life, love, magic, peace, power, smiles, well being, wisdom, wonder and so much more.

No need to fret!  There's a lot more of all that I love inside of me!


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Affirmations of the Day

These affirmations are from two of my favourite films:
"The world is more than we know." ~~ Ben Hur
"There's more where they came from."  ~~ Mary Poppins

Infinite Skin

Every year in summer when I wear sandals I end up having stripes on my foot; the darker skin is the part that is exposed to the sun and the lighter skin is the part that is usually covered. As soon as the weather starts getting cooler again and I start wearing socks and boots the stripes are gone and my skin is back to normal.

When I wear tops in summer, parts of my body that are exposed to the sun get darker and parts that are covered remain the same. As soon as it gets cooler my skin shade returns to normal.

When I lived in Africa I was at least two shades darker that I am now.  As soon as I returned to the UK, my complexion returned to what is normal for me.

For years when I used to wear a watch the part on my wrist where I wore the watch was always lighter than the rest of my arm.  Since I stopped wearing a watch the skin on my wrist has returned to normal. 

Within me is infinite skin just waiting to be expressed every moment.

How wonderful is that!


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Monday, 9 April 2012

No Real or Unreal Self

Miriam: I'm afraid.
Esther: No cause.  The world is more than we know. ~~ Ben Hur
Mary Poppins: Oh, Bert, all your fine drawings. (Referring to the rain ruining his paintings)
Bert: Well, there's more where they came from.  ~~ Mary Poppins
I used to think of myself as having two selves: a real self that is pure happiness and love, infinite, and unchanging; and the unreal self (human) that experiences duality, finite and constantly changing.

Where did that idea come from?

The first time I experienced myself as light during meditation, the love I felt was so inexhaustible that I never wanted to leave that state.  Compared to my usual state of mind, it was as if I had stepped into another world and experiencing a different self.  The more I kept having those light experiences, the more I believed that was/is my real self.

Later it occurred to me that I've had hundreds of dreams in my sleep with people and situations that have been so wonderful and loving that I've never wanted to wake up from those dreams.  (I've also had dreams and out of body experiences that have been so unpleasant I couldn't wait to wake up from those dreams or get back into my body).

What do the experiences of myself as pure loving light and my wonderful/not so wonderful sleeping dreams/out of body experiences all have in common?

All of them are occurring within me. In other words, I am the one dreaming those experiences.  I have infinite capacity within me to either dream dreams of inexhaustible love and happiness or dreams of unhappiness and nightmares.  The choice is always mine.

I do not have a real or unreal self, I simply have infinite ways of expressing myself.


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Sunday, 8 April 2012

All Blessings are Equal

Blessings are all around us but if I focus only on the big blessings I'm likely to miss the little ones.

For instance, my mother brought to my attention that they were showing two of my favourite films on TV: Mary Poppins and The Mummy, which I consider to be blessings.  I actually thought about a scene from "The Mummy" a few days ago and a line from "Mary Poppins" yesterday. As both films are being shown at the same time on different channels, I'm going to watch "The Mummy" instead, which I've seen a billion times already.  OK, BIG exaggeration; I've only seen that film a million times!

There are other little blessings like being with my many loves i.e. my mother, having a nice meal, relaxing, writing, exchanging emails with friends, feeling good, etc.

So yes, I like the "big" blessings but I also appreciate the "little" ones too.

I believe all blessings are the same whether they are regarded in human terms as big and very important or little and less important.

That's why I record them in my blogs.

All blessings are equal.

ps: I managed to watch both movies.   I watched The Mummy an hour later.


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Why Join the Madness?

When the mini cab arrived and I was going to load the car boot with shopping, the driver stopped me.

"There's no rush! Let me do it!" he said.  "You just relax!"

As he was driving me home,  he talked about how many "maniacs" there were on the roads and how everyone seems to be in a hurry these days. He said bus drivers were one of the worse culprits. The moment he said it, a bus pulled up in front of us and he had to brake suddenly.

"See what I mean?" he pointed to the bus.  "Where's he rushing to?"

On another road we saw a BMW driving past. He told me to observe what was going to happen.  He said the BMW is going to clock the police car ahead on the left and slow down, which the BMW did.   As soon as the police car turned off the BMW sped off.  My friend said he knew the BMW was going to do that.

"People on the road are crazy!" he said. "You have to be just as crazy to survive in this job."

"Do you have to join people in their crazy behaviour?" I said.  "Surely, you can be in your peace?"

"Maybe we should swap jobs for one day and let you see what it's like," he said.

"No thanks!"

When he dropped me off I wished him peace.

As I see it, the easiest way to win any war is to not join the fight.

In other words, if you can't beat them, don't join them!


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My Greatest Inspiration

Over the years I've had many experiences that have inspired me to be true to myself.   So far, my greatest inspiration has been a young man I met about four years ago called Leslie.

Before I met Leslie, I'd heard about those rare humans whose only desire is to serve humanity. Leslie fits that mould perfectly. Leslie has no desires, he doesn't even eat or drink.  He prefers to spend most of his time in silent meditation; and when you're in his presence you just feel this profound peace.

From time to time, Leslie gives hugs, an outpouring of love that I find overwhelming.  All ailments dissolve when you're being hugged by him.

Another wonderful thing about Leslie is that he doesn't judge; he accepts situations and people as they are.

I've been trying so hard to emulate Leslie but I've failed miserably.  I am so grateful to have had such a Mighty being in my presence.

In case you're wondering where you can meet this wonderful being, I'm afraid Leslie doesn't do Darshan.  Leslie tells me there are others like himself that people can go to for inspiration.

For those who care about details, not that it should matter, Leslie is my mother's teddy bear that she won in some raffle.

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling's poem If, if you can stay in your peace when everyone is going nuts around you, you must be a teddy bear, my son.


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Talented Dogs

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Song of the Day - 18

"Boom Boom Pow" by The Black Eyed Peas.


Hidden Talents

When I was a child I liked drawing and I was very good at it too.  I reckon if I had continued, I could have become a fine fine artist. One day I stopped drawing.  I just lost interest. I guess deep down I knew I wasn't here to become an artist.

Does that mean that drawing talent is gone forever?  No, it's still there, it's just that I choose to have it "buried" for now as I prefer to express myself in writing.

There are lots of other talents I have in me that I've deliberately "buried" because I don't wish to be distracted. One talent I haven't used that much that I've started using again is the power of calling on Joy.

Years ago, I discovered that just by calling on Joy I could transform a room into Joy.  It's rather like a music producer tweaking with different frequencies and creating different sounds.

Once I was attending this healing workshop that was being hosted at this woman's place.  While we were having a tea break the host approached me and told me she was concerned by the dense atmosphere in the room, which she believed were being caused by negative thought forms.  She wondered if I could do something to clear it up.  I promised to work my "magic."  In thought, I called on Joy and blessed the room with Joy.  After a few minutes the woman told me the room was a lot lighter. The only snag about changing the frequency of the room to Joy was the Joy was so potent it affected our moods and a few of us got the giggles, which annoyed the tutor as he didn't think we were taking his teaching seriously.  I can't help if Joy has taken over and making me joyful for no reason at all! Tee hee!

I also discovered that I could do the same with Peace.  I can walk in a room that is tense and call on Peace and there would be tangible Peace that would change not only the environment but people's attitudes.  I remember once sitting in this library and a lot of school kids came in.  As they were making a lot of noise, I blessed the area with Peace.  They left shortly after. It did backfire on me though because I became so relaxed I fell asleep and I couldn't keep my mouth closed. I was even dribbling.  Ha!

I believe we all have  "hidden talents" where we can call on Joy or Peace or whatever attribute and transform our lives and environment.  It could be people don't use their hidden talents because: (a) they've forgotten they have those talents; (b) they have chosen not to use them, just like I have chosen not to develop my drawing skills; (c) they've been so conditioned to the "human way" they don't believe it is possible. Remember the host at the healing workshop could sense different energies but she didn't think she could get rid of them so she asked me to do the deed.

I have to admit, I haven't been using my hidden talent to call on Joy directly as I've been focused on expressing my joy in other ways.  Well, I'm about to remedy that.

Next time you feel yourself getting the giggles for no reason at all, you'll know what has happened.

Joy to all!


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