Tuesday, 1 May 2012

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Let Bygones Be Bygones! - Part 2

In a previous piece called Let Bygones Be Bygones!, I wrote about a documentary I had watched where they discussed one particular athlete who had been banned for life  for "cheating."  A few of his peers didn't want him taking part in this year's Olympics. My view was, since no one is perfect, the athlete should be given a second chance.

In fact, I believe in many second chances.

I hear the ban has now been lifted and he will be allowed to run.  See Dwain Chambers is Cleared to Run in the Olympics.



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Reminder to Self - All in Me

All that I am experiencing are projections of mind.  In other words, nothing is outside of me, everything is occurring inside of me. 

How can everything be inside of me?

When you know your identity as the cosmos, then everything is inside of you including my human body, the computer, the building, the city, the country, the earth and the universe.

Put another way, I am the one thinking/dreaming the universe into being..  Therefore, if I want to have a different experience I have to remember that I am the Dreamer.  Then I dream things how I prefer them to be.

I choose to dream dreams of infinite joy and wonder.

There is no out there; there is only the all in me.


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The Power of Individuals

"Some look at my face and say you're quite absurd. And I say why, 'cos I'm not down with the herd?"  ~~ "Sheep" by Us3
While I was walking by the canal, I saw a dead swan lying on the side of the towpath. Even though I was curious about what had happened, I didn't feel sad about the dead swan. I would imagine that the only people who would really miss the swan would be the keeper(s) who look after animals in the river and probably know that swan's personality and identity number.

The problem with being part of a collective is you are just one of many.  Reminds me of the Borg species, in the sci-fi series, Star Trek, who are part biological and part artificial.  The Borg work as one collective mind.  Their aim is perfection of the species which they try to achieve by assimilating other species and adding other alien technology to their own.  Once you're assimilated into the Borg consciousness, you lose your individuality.  If one of the Borg develops a malfunction, they are either switched off or abandoned.  The human species do all they can to avoid the Borg as they don't want to lose their individuality.

I believe the Borg represents the collective consciousness that is ruled by a minority that speaks and acts on behalf of the collective.  The collective follow like sheep without question.   One reason why I believe the practice of self-realisation is so important is that you become aware that you are a cosmic being with your own unique, individual and eternal personality.   When you know who you are, you never allow yourself to be treated like everyone else that gets lost in the crowd.  Nor do you blindly follow the herd. You are your own Cosmic Person and you do matter.

Back to my feathered friends.  Years ago, while I was taking a walk by a river and watching these birds swimming around, I was drawn to one particular goose who had broken away from the flock. I was aware that the goose was watching me. I had the distinct impression that goose was self-aware.

I believe in the power of individuals who are self-aware.


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Quote of the Day - 9

"All the labor of man is for his mouth, and yet the soul is not satisfied." ~~ Ecclesiastes 6: 7, NKJV

Saturday, 28 April 2012

This is My Day!

One thing I like to say to myself each day is: This is my day!  Everything's going my way!

I find that affirmation ensures the day goes my way or I can see the good in every situation.

Just because I believe everything is going my way doesn't mean people are always going to agree with my way.  It's really about me sticking to my guns and being me at all times. 

Another way to look at it is to love at all times. If an experience appears not to my satisfaction, then I either find something about it to love or I bless it with love.

I had a "heated" email exchange with a friend earlier but we found a common ground.  I guess our love for each other won in the end. :-)

The Truth of the matter is that it is Love that ensures my day goes swimmingly at all times.

This is a day of Love. Everything's going my way!


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Love This!

This video made me smile.


The Power of a Miaow

During my walk, I saw a cat sitting on a ledge miaowing rather loudly.  A man in front of me walked on without stopping. Being a sucker for cats, I stopped to say hello. Besides, I know this cat; I've played with him many times before. 

While I was stroking him, he continued to miaow.  Other people walked by but none of them stopped. I guess they were not into cats as I am.

Then I said goodbye to my friend.

For me, the cat's miaow is a reminder to just be yourself.  Sooner or later, someone who appreciates you just the way you are will come to you, effortlessly.


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The Magic of Strangers

If I were to listen to the rules of the world about how one should act with others and in relationships, I would never speak to "strangers."

A lot of the stories I share are inspired from my wonderful encounters with strangers.  There have been the odd occasions when men have read into my friendship and wanted more. When you go beyond the male/female thing, there is only a pure love with no agenda. 

I find that I only have to break the ice once and that ice is broken for all time. In other words, the moment I say hi to a "stranger" they remember me and always say hello when they see me.  It makes London a very friendly city.

Without strangers, Magic would be few and far between.


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Friday, 27 April 2012

Ca Va, Bien!

When I saw this man walking towards me, I said hello and his response was, "Ca va?"

Oui, ca va bien!

I love multicultural Britain!


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Let Me In, Love!

"I believe life is a game consisting of two teams. One team is doing all it can to keep us living in fear of our surroundings and people around us by constantly coming up with strategies and rules to keep us in more fear and bondage....While one team is busy distracting us with fear strategies, the other team is actively setting us free and uniting us with our good." ~~ Why Love Always Wins
As humans, we make up lots of rules about how things should or shouldn't happen.  I find the easiest way to bypass those rules is to ask Love who knows nothing of rules. 

When I noticed my bus was already at the stop and was about to move, I knocked on the doors but the driver ignored me.   When I banged harder on the doors,  he opened the doors.

"You're not meant to distract the driver!" he said.

That was my cue to get on board.

Thank you, Love! ;-)


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Thank You!

I had to use the public toilet facilities at this park I usually walk through.  They were so clean and pristine. 

I give thanks to all who maintain those toilets.


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The Cat Burglar

The cat burglar that is literally a cat.

Cat burglar hits a Calif. neighborhood 600 times in 3 years

I've  heard about cats who bring stuff to show their affection for their loved ones but this one is just showing off!  :-)


Rainbows Can Appear without Rain

As I was walking to the bus stop, it started to drizzle.  I thought to myself that as much as I appreciate rain and its many uses, I still don't like it.  I prefer dry weather,  radiant blue sky with lovely fluffy clouds.  It then stopped drizzling.  The clouds parted and the sun came out.

It was then a thought occurred to me that if there was no rain, there would be no rainbows and I love rainbows. 

I can still see rainbows after the rain, as long as I'm not walking in the rain.

At the bus stop, there was a huge traffic jam.  I noticed a lorry standing right in front of the bus stop had the name "Rainbow."

Aha!  Just proves my point that rainbows can still appear without rain.


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Oldie But Goodie

Cat drinking water from the tap.


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